Activities That Make Your Heart Race in a Good Way

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Activities That Make Your Heart Race in a Good Way

An elevated heart rate for a brief period can feel great, produce endorphins to improve your mood, and help your blood pump faster. You can achieve this feeling in many ways; fear or excitement can bring it on.

Playing or watching sports or games and spending time with the one you love can all provide positive spikes in the heart. Here’s a deeper look at some of the most exciting ways to get your heart racing.


Whether participating in sporting activities or being a spectator, it doesn’t take much to get your heart racing. Let’s break it down a bit further.

Physical Activity

Nothing gets your heart racing as quickly as some form of physical activity. Running, swimming, cycling, and playing football, hockey, or cricket are surefire ways to boost heart rate. 

The primary benefit of physical exercise is that the heart beats faster, causing blood to flow to your muscles more efficiently. An additional bonus is that you burn more calories and can lower cholesterol.

Cardio exercises are some of the easiest ways to get the blood pumping; running, racquet, and team sports are best.

Weight training can also provide similar results but is slower. Some forms of yoga, like Ashtanga, have also been known to increase heart rate.

Watching an Exciting Sporting Event

You don’t have to be a competitor to feel your heart race. Passionate fans watching their team play in a tightly contested game will feel their hearts flutter often, especially if it’s too close to predict the outcome. 

Getting involved, jumping up and down, screaming, and cheering can all contribute to the feelings of excitement.

Going to a live game is guaranteed to hype you up. The enthusiasm from the crowd is catching, and you can’t help being swept up in it.

Even watching your team on TV is enough to make your heart race. It’s more fun if you watch it with friends than alone.


Another way to get your heart racing is to play games. Online, console or casino games will surely get your heart racing. Here’s a closer look.

Online and Console Games

Action role-playing games (RPGs) are fun ways of getting your heart racing. Playing against an AI or other human opponents in shooting, fighting, or adventure games can be extremely exciting. Working with a team against a common enemy is also popular.

Games where there’s something on the line, like a life-or-death situation or a time limit to achieve a goal, all contribute to racing hearts.

It doesn’t even need to be an RPG game. Match-3 or dash-style games with a timer can create an equally exciting heart flutter. The thrill of achievement will often cause an extra beat or two.

Car racing and flight simulation games can also contribute to heart racing, especially if some form of danger is involved, like inclement weather or an impending crash. 

Lottery and Casino

Holding a lottery ticket and watching the balls drop in order one by one is an exciting way to get your heart beating faster. But lotteries aren’t always held daily, so they can’t always be relied on for instant entertainment.

However, playing live games in casinos — whether online or at a venue, can make your heart race in many ways. Slot machines are a quick and easy way to get your heart going; just one more scatter will trigger free games or activities. Table games like roulette can be exhilarating, waiting to see if your number comes up. Other games like poker are more of a slow heart build, but that can change when it’s the end of the hand.

The Person You Love

Another way to make your heart skip a beat is to spend time with that particular person in your life. For those lucky to be in love, just seeing their favourite person is enough to set their hearts racing. And they can save a lot of money since they don’t need to play or watch sports or games or go to a casino. 

Love can provide the kind of pure endorphin rush many enjoy daily. Why not combine your love for each other with an activity like a shared sport or even dancing? You’ll get the double win of the feelings for each other, plus the additional heart racing from the chosen activity.

Stay Clear of Negative Situations

A racing heart that’s been stimulated by a fun activity isn’t the same as one that’s been triggered negatively. Fear and anxiety can also increase your heart rate, but too much of this could lead to a heart attack or stroke, so these are not the type of situations anyone wants to experience.

Doing something that increases your heart rate for fun or excitement is a much safer way of enjoying yourself.

Go On, Get Your Heart Racing Today

Provided it’s done positively, getting your heart racing is a beautiful thing. It can be very stimulating, and it’s excellent for the mind and the body.

Playing sports, especially cardio-heavy ones, is bound to get the heart going. You can achieve the same sensation as a spectator, but watching live in an arena or stadium is better than being couch-bound at home.

Console and online games are another fun way to boost your heart rate, as is wagering a bet on a lottery or casino game.

Finally, never underestimate the power your loved one has of making your heart race; it could be the easiest way of all.

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