Actor/Director Sandeep Malani honors Parvathamma Rajkumar

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Mangalorean Actor and director Sandeep Malani has always done the impossible turn to possible. It can be recalled that a couple of years ago, he had released the audio of his film SMS 6260 at Parvathamma Rajkumar’s residence and he was the very first person to shoot a small song sequence of his film at the memorial of Dr. RajKumar.


And now, he has once again along with producer and actress Kalpana Pandit been to the residence of Parvathamma Rajkumar and honoured her with a shawl, garland and memento thus seeking good wishes and blessings for his film Sulige Sikkidaaga, which has got a good response from the audience and the critics alike.

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Besides this, Malani also honoured veteran actresses Abhinaya Sharade Jayanthi and Girija Lokesh at an event held recently. The film on women empowerment also honoured National Award winner Sanchari Vijay for playing the role of a Transgender in the film ‘Naanu Avanalla Avalu’. Malani’s wife Reshma Malani, Kalpana Pandit’s mother Lalitha Rajagopal and the Chawla Family did the honors. Almost the entire Kannada film industry has given their good wishes to Sandeep Malani and his production, Malani Talkies.



Sulige Sikkidaaga has lot of Mangaloreans acting in it. Meena Malani, Charan Suvarna, Clement Sequeira, Gladwin Fernandes, Marina Roopa, Priya Carvalho, Reshma Malani, Silver Malani, Xavier Fernandes, Ivy Fernandes, Roseline Sequeria. The music of the film for a popular Tulu song ‘Daane Ponney’ has been recomposed by Nitin Acharya.

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  1. Abhinaya shaarade Jayanti….

    My mind went back to 80s…..time and gravity don’t stop for anything!!

    • My mind went back to 80s…..time and gravity don’t stop for anything!! – Rampa

      Dead wrong ya Rampa. Your Jokes….. oops.. I mean, posts are timeless while your attempts to perform stunts are gravity-defying! 🙂

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