Actors aren’t perfect: Natalie Dormer

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Los Angeles, Jan 6 (IANS) Actress Natalie Dormer thinks actors should look “quirky and imperfect”.

The “Game of Thrones” star insists there shouldn’t be pressure on people of her profession to look flawless because they need to be “real”, reports

“Actors are not models. We have to be real people and look quirky and imperfect. Telling stories is a celebration of human nature, which means you’re not perfect inside or outside,” Dormer told Fashion magazine.

Talking about gender disparity in showbiz, the 33-year-old said inequality only stops being an issue when what is seen on screen reflects the fact that women comprise almost 50 percent of the population.

“We need art in this medium of cinema and TV that reflects that — full stop. When we aren’t talking about gender anymore, we’ve achieved equality. But we still have to talk about inequality until that happens,” she said.

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