Adele invites doppelganger on stage for selfies

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London, March 31 (IANS) British singer Adele asked a fan, who resembled her, to come up on stage during her concert here.

The “Hello” crooner had a concert in Birmingham, where she asked Emily Bamforth to join her on the stage to take a selfie together, reports

Before the showtime, Bamforth’s fiance Tom Winkler wrote on Twitter: “Everyone thinks my girlfriend is you! She’s been asked 10 times now!”

“Four rows from the front and people won’t stop saying my fiance looks like Adele,” he added.

He posted a series of tweets to grab Adele’s attention and he hoped that the singer would notice his fiancee.

Surprisingly, his effort paid off as the “Rolling in the deep” hitmaker wanted to see Bamforth.

She called the girl over and hugged her before having a brief conversation. Adele grabbed the fan’s phone and the pair posed for some selfies together.

The fans’s fiance then uploaded one of the two’s selfies on Twitter.

“Adele made my fiance’s day, month, year! Thank you for the massive amount of brownie points,” he captioned the photo.

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