Mangaluru: Inmate alleges threat to life, ADGP Kamal Panth Visits Sub Jail

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Mangaluru: The ADGP of Prison visited the district sub jail on November 3 for the investigation of the assault and murder that occurred on November 2 in the district sub jail.

ADGP Kamal Panth speaking to the mediapersons said that the investigation of the November 2 incident is going on and all those who were involved in the murder inside the jail will be punished. When asked about the involvement of a jail officer as alleged by one of the inmates of the prison, Panth replied, “We will investigate the case and if any officers were involved, we will take action against them.”

When the police were escorting one of the accused who is in the District Sub jail, he called out to mediapersons who were waiting outside for an update from the ADGP and said, “There was a threat to Madoor Isubu’s life in the jail. The jail officials are involved in the clash which took place on November 2, killing Madoor Isubu and Ganesh Shetty.”

He further said, “On November 1, one of the officers in the sub  jail brought a blue bag which contained weapons at 11:30 pm. Normally, two prison guards always interacted with a few inmates who were involved in attacking Isubu daily but on November 1, they did not meet them. The prison guards usually open inmate Jiya’s cell first everyday. But on November 2, the cell of Isubu’s attackers was opened first. The weapons did not come through the compound wall. There are witnesses who saw the weapons being brought in a blue bag by a prison guard.”

He also said, “We have threats to our lives. Those who had witnessed the weapons being brought in the jail are getting threats from the officers to shut their mouths. I am not scared to die, but I want to highlight what is going on in the prison.”

When asked whether he has informed these issues to ADGP of prison Kamal Panth, Faisal said, “We have briefed about the problems that the inmates face to the ADGP but no one is ready to listen to us.”

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