‘Aerophilia’- Sahyadri Holds Aeromodelling Competition

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‘Aerophilia’ Sahyadri Holds Aeromodelling Competition

Mangaluru: A two-day national level Aero Modeling Competition “Aerophilia 2016” was organized by the Sahyadri College of Engineering & Management for undergraduate students on 13 and 14 May 2016. Aerophilia 2016 gave wings to the innovative thinking of aero modeling enthusiasts thereby igniting the passion for the future of aeronautics in India. The competition is being organized to spread and teach young talented minds to explore the new era of aeronautics and foster the development of the nation.

A special attractive air show was performed by national and international radio flyers of national repute including AV Aravindh and Chinmaya who flew a pusher prop model that blew the audience away with its speed. The air show was open to the public and all students. It will also be held on the second day (14 May 2016) from 4 pm to 5 pm at Sahyadri Campus. The air show provided a multitude of a learning experience in mathematics, history, arts/graphics and science.

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Speaking on the sidelines to mediapersons after the air show, AV Aravindh said that he hoped that such events will raise interest in students and the public in the field of aeronautics and national programs while also giving them the exposure to this unique hobby.

The competition, which is being held for two days, will have participating teams design a radio controlled aircraft with limitations regulated in its dimension and the power system. The aircraft will be validated by its maneuverability and maximum payload carrying capacity, which will be tested in two successive rounds. Undergrads from IIT Bombay, IIT Kharagpur, IIT Kanpur, IIT Madras and NITK are also taking part in the competition.

The competition was inaugurated by three eminent personalities AV Aravindh; a Controls Engineer and presently working as a Systems Engineer for the Light Combat Aircraft, LCA-Tejas Program at Aeronautical Development Agency, Chinmaya an Electronics Engineer working on the avionics systems of LCA-Tejas at ADA and Dr. Pavana Prabhakar, Assistant Professor, Department of Mechanical Engineering, University of Texas at El Paso, Texas.

This event is being conducted by Team Challengers and Dreamers of Sahyadri College of Engineering & Management; a group of students passionate about aeronautics and robotics. Experienced students who have participated in SAE International Aero Design Competition 2016 held in Fort Worth, Texas, USA, Boeing Aero Modeling Competition and various other aero modeling competitions are part of the organizing committee.

The Aerophilia 2016 winners will be honored with cash prizes of INR 50,000, INR 30,000, INR15,000 for the Champion, the First and Second runner-up, respectively. Two teams will also receive consolation prizes of INR 5,000 each. This event will attract the nation’s aeromodelling enthusiasts to Mangaluru. Technical talks will also be delivered by guests on the importance of RC Modeling, the various career paths available and the importance of aero modeling in the development of the nation.

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