Akshay doesn’t want to stress on patriotism

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Mumbai, Jan 13 (IANS) Action star Akshay Kumar, who has been starring in films with strong patriotic sentiments, says he doesn’t want to stress on patriotism or the fact that there is a sudden rise in patriotic feelings.

Asked about his patriotic films including his forthcoming one titled “Airlift”, Akshay said: “My father was in the Army, so perhaps due to that I feel like doing such films. I’m fond of the genre. When such stories come in front of you, you feel good about them. But I don’t want to stress on them. I don’t want to enforce this fact that there is extreme patriotism suddenly rising in me.”

In the forthcoming film’s trailer, he is seen playing an influential businessman who has several enemies due to his power. It gives a sneak peek of the time when Iraq invaded Kuwait and Indians had to be evacuated in 1990.

“Of course, there is patriotism and I’m proud to be an Indian. And sometimes those films come like ‘Baby’ which was about RAW agents and there were numerous real elements in it,” added the actor, who donned the uniform for “Holiday: A Soldier is Never Off Duty” (2014).

The actor believes that he has a physique due to which he can “portray a police officer, an Army officer or a Naval officer because you find my structure like that. And so, it looks believable”.

The 48-year-old doesn’t think that he can essay someone who is studying in a college.

“I don’t think I’ll be able to carry that forward. I can’t take it, I know my limits,” he said.

The film will hit the screens on January 22, a few days before Republic Day (January 26).

Asked about the release date, he said: “It’s coming out before Republic Day. There is tremendous patriotism among our people, and the concept of ‘desh’, tolerance and intolerance… has become a very touchy subject. And here I am, bringing a film which conveys to be proud to be an Indian.”

“Patriotism should be in your hearts and doesn’t require you to scream about it, but if you see any malpractice, do report about it,” said the actor, who said that he recently asked someone not to spit in public places.

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