Alia’s father gets ‘jealous’ about anybody in her life

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Mumbai,(IANS) Actress Alia Bhatt says father-daughter relationships are “really cute”, and that was one of the reasons why her father Mahesh Bhatt gets jealous about people in her life.

Alia, director Vikas Bahl, Shahid Kapoor, producer Karan Johar were present at the trailer launch of their film “Shaandaar”.

The resemblance of “Shaandaar” to Alia’s father and sister Pooja’s film “Dil Hai Ke Maanta Nahi” was pointed out, over the father-daughter dynamics shared between Alia and Pankaj Kapur in the film.

Alia discarded the similarities between them, saying: “Ask Vikas about it. I don’t think it’s inspired.”

Vikas replied: “If the film (“Shaandaar”) would actually be like it, it’d be fabulous. But actually there’s no connection between the two films.”

Alia compared her real-life bond with her father to her reel-life bond.

“One aspect is that the father-daughter angle is there in everybody’s life. Even my father would be jealous of anybody in my life. Let’s not talk about who, let’s just say anybody.

“So that’s something we’ve caught on to and I feel hopefully will connect to the audiences really well because obviously a mother-son or mother-daughter relationship is something but a father-daughter relationship can get really cute. And that’s what we’re trying to achieve with this film.”

The romantic comedy based on the theme of wedding will release on October 22.

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