Alley wants to make out with Bieber

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Los Angeles, Jan 16 (IANS) Actress Kirstie Alley has shown interest in pop star Justin Bieber.

During an appearance on “Rachael Ray Show”, Alley played a game of “Marry, Make Out or Move On” that showcased her true opinions on a few younger stars in Hollywood.

Asked to pick between Bieber, Nick Jonas and One Direction member Harry Styles, Alley went for the “Baby” hitmaker, reports

“Let’s go ‘make out’ first because we’ve all seen Justin Bieber’s Calvin Klein (photos). He’s so handsome,” she said.

“What a handsome man. I’m just all over Justin Bieber. I want to make out with him.

“I want to marry Harry because I want to go on tour with him because I want to seem younger,” she added.

She called Jonas cute.

“I’m not so familiar with Mr. Jonas, but he’s very cute. He’s just not a booty call like Bieber,” she said.

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