Aluminum Embossing

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Materials required

Aluminum embossing sheet
Ball Point Pen
Wooden Chisel
Anti Rust Paint
A little amount of Kerosene oil


Place the design paper on the aluminum sheet and press the outline with a ball point pen.  You can choose any design.  I have chosen a typical Arabic design here featuring a Kahwa cup, a dhow, a mosque, a fort etc.

Turn the aluminum sheet around and emboss it by making an imprint of the design with the wooden chisel.

After embossing the required areas overturn the aluminum sheet again and press the outline of the design with the ball point pen making dots.

Mix the kerosene oil with the Anti Rust and paint the background with it.  For shading the design you can use anti rust only.


The completed embossed aluminum sheet can be a beautiful showpiece that can be hung anywhere in your house.  I have mounted mine on a wooden frame and hung it in my dining area.  You can also place a spotlight on it so that the aluminum sheet takes on a glossy sheen.


Author: Jovita Nazareth- Oman

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