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Alva’s Nudisiri -2016 – ‘Cinisiri’ and ‘Vidyarthisiri’ held

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Alva’s Nudisiri -2016 – ‘Cinisiri’ and ‘Vidyarthisiri’ held

Moodbidri: Alva’s Education Foundation, in the backdrop of Alva’s Nudisiri -2016, organized ‘’Vidyarthisiri” student literary cultural fest and ‘’Alva’s Cinisiri’’ on November 17, at Ratnakarvarni Stage, Moodbidri.


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After inaugurating the programme Veteran Indian Theatre Actor, B Jayashri lauding the contribution of Dr Mohan Alva in preserving and fortifying Kannada culture and tradition said, “Alva’s Nudisiri appears to be more grandeur than the Nada Habba. Each and every individual should start loving Kannada culture and tradition along with preserving it for the future generations. We started loving and learning all other languages, but it has made us forget our own mother tongue Kannada’’, she repented. Hence, these kinds of literary fests foster more Kannada language and culture among students.

Presiding over the function SDM English Medium School Beltangady student Ananya said, “Knowledge distinguishes humans from animals. That is the very reason our ancestors regarded formal education vital for the holistic growth of an individual. Even the age-old Vedas serve the same purpose. Culture is the process of carving out an aspect to include all elements of goodness. Education serves the same purpose, and it wouldn’t be wrong to call the process of formal education as a culture in itself. Every individual grows up to be a collective product of his culture. A child inevitably instills in itself the ways of life of the adults in its family. A cultured family can hence give rise to a cultured society. It is, therefore, the responsibility of every adult to make sure that he himself is cultured because he influences every child that grows up watching his actions. We all aspire for a healthy society to live in. For that to happen, the foundational step would be to create a healthy society for children to grow up in’’, she added.

She further said, “Cultural events are a key aspect in developing the mental horizons of students. Solely focusing on formal education will serve no purpose, and every student aspires to be a part of the cultural or sports activities in one or another way. It would be a sin to deprive them of that interest and force them to study. These activities are as vital for the growth of students as is formal education.”

After inaugurating ‘’Alva’s Cinisiri’’ Veteran Film Maker Nagathihalli Chandrashekar said, ‘’we must work towards eliminating the unreasonable gap between films and literature. Films are also literature, but hardly anyone perceives it that way. Especially in the Kannada film industry, films and literature are considered to be two separate entities. There is a lot of work to be done in this direction in the Kannada industry.” he added.

“Alva’s film festival is a step serving this purpose. 12 films of varied genres are being projected for 3 days, and it is a wonderful opportunity for people to realize the extent of literary dependence and creativity in films. He added and said, one must not fail to notice the aspects of learning in the films.”

Sessions of Vidyarthisiri:

Pradhyumna Murthi from Rotary English Medium School Moodibidri enacted a story, followed by a student lecture by Poornima R Jain, SDM high school Dharmasthala. A dance show by the title ‘naave kanasu’ was presented by the students of Sadana Vasati School, Puttur. Later, Ayana V Raman from Alva’s High School engaged the stage with her talent show.

The stage was taken over by adult participants starting from a guest lecture by Dr Janaki Sunderesh, Assistant Director, Veterinary Department, Bengaluru. It was followed by hari kathe by Govardhan Giridhari, Government High School Paivalike. Dance shows were then presented by the students of Dr M Ramanna Shetty Memorial English Medium High School Thokur, Mount Carmel Central School Mangaluru, and Nrithya Niketana Kodavuru; in a sequential order.

The poetry session by students saw the participation from Manu Kashyap from Sri Durga Parameshwari PU College Kateel as the mediator of the session, and Sahana V N from Sarojini Madhusudan Kushe Government PU College Mangaluru, Kishan Malakadu from Government High School Udupi, Sharvani K from Mahajana Samskrutha High School Neerchalu, and Surekha Marathe from Sriram PU College Kalladka as participants.

Presentation of vachanas was done by the students of Jain High School Moodibidri.

Manuja Nehiga from Alva’s Primary School Moodubidre put up a magic show, followed by the cultural program by the students of Sri DurgaParameshwari PU College Kateel. A guest lecture on ‘Swacch Bharat-Role of Students’ was delivered by Pooja K.M., Nehru Memorial PU College, Sullia. Pranav Bellare from Alva’s PU College then engaged the stage with his mon-act. A team consisting Sumukh Kamath, Saurabh Yellur, Vishwuth and Ravi Kumar presented an instrumental act.

The stage was then occupied by Surabhi Sudheer Kodavuru from St.Mary’s English Medium School Udupi with her Bharatnatyam performance, after which a dance by Vamshi Rathnakumar from Vishwamangala Higher Primary School followed. The sessions were concluded by a folk song by Mayur Ambekallu from Alva’s PU College Moodbidri and vachanas the students of Jain High School Moodbidri.

Photo Credit: Ravi Manasa studio & Jishnu S Menon

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