Amche Chedu Ester Noronha gives Puerto Rican Hit Song ‘Despacito’ a Goenchi Flavor

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Amche Chedu Ester Noronha gives Puerto Rican Hit Song ‘Despacito’ a Goenchi Flavor

Mangaluru: One of the most popular song of 2017 named “Despacito”, which is played at a Pub, Lounge, or any happy occasion has got a new Goan touch- thanks to Mangalorean Lass and actress/Singer Ester Noronha along with Telegu actor and rapper Noel Jean who have given a new touch to this dance number, and everyone is going crazy. With the Konkani version, the song “Despacito” has been dubbed in various languages all over the world, including Japan and Korea. I wonder how the song sounds in Japanese and Korean language. But kudos to our local babe Ester for giving this Pueto Rican song a Konkani flavour. You go girl!

There is no doubt that you might have heard “Despacito” and sang along and danced your heart out to the popular number of 2017 by Luis Fonsi, Daddy Yankee and Justin Bieber at various occasions, but now you can sing “Despacito” in Konkani and get a little more local. A Konkani version of popular track “Despacito” now written by our very own Kudla lass/South Indian actress and noted Konkani singer Ester Noronha and starring her along with Telugu actor and rapper Noel Jean in the music video which was released on Easter on social media and has now garnered around 4 lakh views since Easter Sunday.

About the original song- “Despacito” (American Spanish: [despa’sito]; English: “Slowly”) is a single by Puerto Rican singer Luis Fonsi featuring Puerto Rican rapper Daddy Yankee from Fonsi’s album. On January 12, 2017, Universal Music Latin had released “Despacito” and its music video, which shows both artists performing the song in La Perla neighbourhood of Old San Juan, Puerto Rico and the local bar La Factoría. The song was written by Fonsi, Erika Ender, and Daddy Yankee, and was produced by Mauricio Rengifo and Andrés Torres. A remix version featuring Canadian singer Justin Bieber was released on April 17, 2017, which helped to improve the song’s chart performance in numerous countries, particularly in the English-speaking world.

Speaking to Team Mangalorean over the phone during her busy movie shooting schedule Ester said, “When I had listened to the original song I liked everything about it-the music, the video, everything was really wonderful. The beauty of the land-Puerto Rico, the people there {Puertoricans}, everything was put in so beautifully in the song, I thought to myself why not do this song in a Konkani version. I shared my idea about making a Konkani version of this song along with Telugu co-actor cum rapper Noel Jean whom I am currently working on a project in Telugu movie.”

“With no hesitation, Noel immediately agreed to the idea and we both started working on the song. I finished with the lyrics within a day. We roped in the production team from Hyderabad and my mother produced the video, who also sings the tune. This is Noel’s first ever rap in Konkani, and we have also done a Telugu version of the tune recently. The video of the song was shot entirely in Goa at Monte hill church, Old Goa, Cabo de Ram and Farm House restaurant in Benaulim along with some streets and landscapes as fillers. The production part was done in Hyderabad” added Ester.

She further said, ” “Goa has always been stereotyped as a place where you have pubs, girls in shorts skirts and even the videos or movies shot here choose those same locations again and again. That is not what Goa is all about. Through my video, I wanted to give the actual beautiful representation of Goa, where I find a close connection with the state of Goa not just because of the language but also the fact that I have more friends in Goa than any other place. My intention was to give Konkani language a platform on par with the international standards. Believe it or not, I have even got tons of messages where people from other countries have actually got to know that there exists a language called Konkani after listening to the song- that’s amazing. Konkani now rocks the world”.

“Even though a few hate-mongers had posted few comments on social media about me copying the original song did comment about the song ‘Despacito’, but who cares, these are just a handful of people compared to the large number who complimented and appreciated the hard work. I think it is fair enough to compose your version of your inspirational song. Many other singers from other countries, like Justin Bieber, Rihanna etc have done that earlier but didn’t get much exposure since it was in English. If my Konkani language is getting recognized through this attempt, I think it is an achievement for me,” added Ester Noronha.

In the meantime, Ester has completed the shooting of her Hindi film “Nagrik” which is right now in the post-production period and might release anytime this year. Team Mangalorean extends tons of compliments to Ester for taking our local language “Konkani” into international music scene through “Despacito”.

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