Amit Sadh fears ‘outperforming’ as an actor

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Mumbai, June 29 (IANS) Actor Amit Sadh, who is awaiting the release of his forthcoming comedy “Guddu Rangeela”, says as an actor he has the fear of outperforming while filming heavy and energetic scenes.

Directed by Subhash Kapoor, “Guddu Rangeela”, releasing on Friday, features Amit as Guddu and Arshad Warsi as Rangeela. The film is about two cousin brothers who are criminals and run an orchestra party. They take on a villain, who is way stronger than themselves which lands them in a soup.

“…I have a fear as an actor — you know, when you have these great lines and energetic scenes, you can outperform, you would want to become a performer.

“I remember having a chat with Subhash sir that Guddu can be cute and endearing, but he can also turn out to be a loud character because the energy of the script is such. We wanted Guddu to be very internal and with his shenanigans and stuff, and I think we have achieved that,” Amit told IANS in an interview.

Amit said the film has a message, but it isn’t a satire like “Jolly LLB”, which was also directed by Kapoor.

“Of course the film has a message, all Subhash Kapoor films have a message. He doesn’t make films without message, but they are always coated. ‘Jolly LLB’ was a satire, but this is not a satire. This has a lot of drama. It’s kind of inspired by true incidents that do happen in this part of the world,” he said.

Amit recalls the time when he was cast for the film. He says he liked the script right away.

“When I met him (Kapoor) for the casting of ‘Guddu Rangeela’ he said, ‘You’re half Guddu already, so we only have half the work to do’. I read the script, I fell in love with it and that’s how I got the role.

“I couldn’t read the script in one flow because it’s so funny. There was drama, great lines and such an amazing story and so much thrill. So I had a great time reading it. I laughed a lot.”

The character Guddu is like “a young brat. And from childhood, Rangeela, his elder brother, has treated him as a darling. He has a nice soul, he’s funny, he’s always up to some shenanigans”.

The 32-year-old actor credits Kapoor for helping him understand the character.

“The film is set in Haryana. The people there are often misunderstood. They look like arrogant people but they’re actually very beautiful, kind hearted and very sensitive people. I tried bringing that out through Guddu and I hope people like it.

“As actors, we have so much excitement that we just want to do the role and we do research. For me, this information came from Subhash sir. He had all the questions and he had all the answers for me. I understood this world through him,” Amit quipped.

“Guddu Rangeela” also features Aditi Rao Hydari and Ronit Roy in pivotal roles.

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