‘Amy’ an honest portrait of late musician: Asif Kapadia

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London, June 28 (IANS) Asif Kapadia, who has directed “Amy”, a documentary based on the much talked about yet mysterious life of Amy Winehouse, says it is an honest portryal of the late musician.

“I sifted through ‘thousands of hours of material’ and spent two and a half years making the documentary,” said Kapadia, reports bbc.co.uk.

“The people who have seen it, who knew her, just about everyone says they feel it’s an honest portrait of Amy.”

“There will be difficult moments in the film, for some. We’re not trying to point the finger or blame any single person. But there were lots of people who made decisions which, when you look at them, were probably not great for Amy at that moment in time,” added Kapadia, who also made award-winning documentary “Senna”.

“Amy” is set to hit the Indian theatres on the July 10. It will be distributed by PVR Pictures.

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