An Easter Gift! Bishop Aloysius Pardons a Catholic Thief

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“If you forgive anyone’s sins, their sins are forgiven; if you do not forgive them, they are not forgiven.”– John 20:23

“Please forgive my sins and give me a new lease” – Under-trial Prakash Castelino in his message to Bishop Dr Aloysius D’Souza

Mangaluru : Seems like Easter gift came early for under-trial Prakash Castelino when he got the news few days ago that he has been pardoned by the Bishop of Mangaluru for a theft crime that he had committed last year. Although this year has been declared by Pope Francis as “The Year of Mercy”, it looks like Bishop Rev Dr Aloysius Paul D’Souza showed “Mercy” on Prakash by pardoning him on the crime that he had committed, after receiving quite a few petitions addressed to him by Castelino.

It is learnt that Prakash Castelino who was housed in the Mangaluru District prison for a theft that he had committed, was a free man after he was released on bail few days ago, after the Diocese ofMangaluru had decided to withdraw the case slapped on Prakash Castelino, and also because of a unconditional pardon by the Bishop. All charges filed on Prakash will be withdrawn soon.


According to Public Relation Officer at the Diocese, Fr William Menezes, who said that Prakash who was accused of stealing money from the Corpus Christi Church- Moodbidri last year will be set free and all charges on him will be withdrawn. Prakash, who was a daily wage labourer hailing fromSakleshpur who was totally drunk had broken into the the church, and had broke open the collection box, and while running away with the loot he was caught by the church staff and handed over to the police, with an FIR filed against him.

While Prakash was jailed in the Mangaluru District Prison he started writing letters continuously to the Bishop of Mangaluru seeking pardon for the act that he had committed. One of his message to the Bishop was, “Please forgive my sins and give me a new leas”. Having pity on Prakash, the Bishop finally decided to have “Mercy” on Prakash and pardoned him for his theft, including withdrawal of all charges filed against him.

In the meantime, parish priest of Corpus Christi Church, Rev Fr Austin Peter Peres had said that although the diocese has pardoned Prakash, since the case is still in the court, Castelino has to be present for the hearing every time it is scheduled, but the church will not continue in the legal process/case, also that the church will provide financial help to pay for his lawyer and court expenses.




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