An open challenge to Nityananda and his chelas

An open challenge to Nityananda and his chelas

Mangaluru: More than a year back we had challenged Nityananda and his cohorts to take up our offer of blindfolded reading despite all the bluff and bluster and a curse on me saying that I would get carcinoma of the penis within 48 hours and that I should come grovelling before the rape accused Nityananda. I wish to inform all concerned that I am perfectly well as of now.

But, the same blindfolded reading promoted by Nityananda and Co and also others are going on taking the gullible people for a ride. Some new enterprises have started it too. Despite all the exposures done by us the gullible parents are being taken for a ride and innocent children trained to lie that they are seeing through blindfolds that is without light falling on the retina of the eye. They have also been posting videos online and cheating particularly the NRIs claiming to educate their children at what is called as Gurukuls and they are sending their children to India to be educated at such places for steep prices by Indian standards though may not seem so by those of the West.

We reiterate our challenges to Nityananda or anyone else who claims to train children to see without light falling on their retinas to come to Mangalore and take our challenge to demonstrate it under foolproof conditions where we will take precautions to block all light from falling on the retina. We offer a grant of Rs 10 lakhs for the same. However, those wishing to take it up have to make a security deposit of 5% of the amount which shall be refunded to them along with 10 lakhs if they succeed. The amount will be forfeited if they fail.

In the meanwhile, we herein provide the link to the video where a child demonstrates blindfolded seeing in the presence of his father Tejasvi aka Junior Shankar who is a professional magician. Their demonstration is far superior to what Nityas one.

Here is the link to Nityananda’s blindfold seeing

Narendra Nayak
Federation of Indian Rationalist Associations