Anant Hegde calls Rahul Gandhi hybrid specimen; Muslim father, Christian mother, Brahmin son? 

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Anant Hegde calls Rahul Gandhi hybrid specimen; Muslim father, Christian mother, Brahmin son? 

Karwar: This week, Rahul Gandhi said Anant Kumar Hegde, a BJP politician known for making wildly controversial remarks, is “an embarrassment to every Indian” and unfit to be a Union minister.

Today, Anant Kumar Hegde said a thing or two about Rahul Gandhi and his family. It wasn’t pretty.

Rahul Gandhi, he said, had no clue about religion. “Look how they lie,” he said, asking how the son of a “Muslim” father and a “Christian” mother was supposed to be Brahmin.

“We can understand such issues but that empty-headed man does not know or understand. You will not find such a hybrid specimen in any laboratory across the world. You’ll find such a specimen in the Congress laboratory in this country where the father and son are of two different types,” Anant Kumar Hedge said.

“Even if you lie, it should be in a way you can convince people,” he said.

“It just a matter of two or three months for them. There will be reports of mass suicides. Just two or three months more. They will all go into their homes. Rahul Gandhi will probably go to Columbia,” he said.

Deshpande is ‘Percentage Pande’

Anant Kumar Hegde has stated that the Uttara Kannada District In-charge Minister R V Deshpande has another name called ‘Percentage Pande’ in a different sector.

He (R V Deshpande) has not restricted himself from taking commission even in the construction of wells and sapling plantation, he chided.

He said, so far, Congress party has only done percentage business, and hence, people have rejected that party.

There is not even a single cinema theatre at Amethi Constituency in Uttar Pradesh, from where the Gandhi family members are being elected from last seven decades. However, in Sirsi town, there were three theatres before 35 years, he said and added that there is not a good hospital in Amethi and farmers of that constituency do not know anything about pump sets also.

“If you elect Congress to power, the same situation
may come to you too,” he warned.

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