Arabic Hospitality, Which is The Best In The World, the GUEST Always Comes FIRST!

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Arabic Hospitality, Which is The Best In The World, the GUEST Always Comes FIRST!

Mangaluru: I never knew that, until I received a video on whatsapp this morning, that as a GUEST in UAE/Arab countries You Always come First. Really impressed by the video, I decided to write this column about the generous hospitality of the Arabs, one that is not only admirable, but also considered as a sacred duty to Arabs. I learnt that being one of the most outstanding features of Arab customs, Arabic hospitality is one of the most desirable and loved in the world. Going in details through the video and browsing through bunch of Internet posts, here is what I found :

When it comes to hospitality, Arabs are well-known for being masters in the art of welcoming. Historically, the origins of this behavior stem from the willingness to house and feed rogue desert travelers who passed through town. The ultimate goal of Arab hospitality is to honor a guest and break the ice, thus ridding people of the “awkwardness” and fear that comes with meeting a stranger. In the Middle East, hospitality is a ritual. Typically, rituals are only left for the most sacred of traditions, and in Arab culture, the treatment of your guest(s) falls under this sacred caveat. Almost every Arab you will ever meet will make sure that you are greeted and put under their wing no matter the personal cost, so here are nine things you need to know about Arabic hospitality and why it’s the best in the world.

Hosts follow a strict welcoming procedure to ensure all guests receive the same level of generosity, no matter the time of day or year. Because hospitality is held with the utmost importance, guests are meant to be welcomed into the family circle, even if they are strangers. Creating an ambiance of inclusion is the secret to the successful welcoming of a guest. By becoming a temporary member of the household upon entrance, they are also guaranteed protection from harm. Ultimately, a true Arab will do everything in his power to make guests feel at home, which also means: “NO” isn’t an answer.

Karam, the Arabic term for ‘generosity’, is an incredibly important part of the host’s faith. It signifies treating your guests with the utmost generosity and honor since failing to do so brings shame upon you as the host. Reputations are tarnished if word gets out that you’re an ill-prepared host. To prevent this from happening, the relationship between host and guest must be carefully crafted to maintain authenticity and promote inclusion.

In terms of the hospitality process itself, guests are expected to be welcomed outside the house, then escorted inside. The finest sitting room is where they are next directed to bombarded with an array of snacks and treats. In most cases, older guests receive greater levels of hospitality. For instance, they sit in the most central area of the home and in the most comfortable seat. Tea or coffee with dates is a traditional Arab greeting dish, even before the main assortment of snacks. Traditionally, the pot’s first cup of tea or coffee is poured for the guests as a sign of respect and willingness to protect them.

No matter how full, food just keeps on coming, if not shoved down your throat until it is gone. Why? Most hosts, sometimes correctly, assume their guests aren’t comfortable getting themselves another serving of food or are simply being polite and not doing so. The result: an over-hospitable host pushing unwanted food in your direction. The same confusion and miscommunication occur when a guest claims it’s time to leave. Such a statement is taken as a polite formality, and so hosts insist on guests staying longer.

As a Guest, you will Always come First

With hosts greeting you with the warmest Marhaba, and the biggest smile, they’ll make sure that you receive the best treatment they have to offer.

Your Host will never Stop Feeding You

From refilling your cup of Qahwa and offering you fruits, dry fruits and dates until you’ve had beyond enough – all for the sake of generosity!

Every Dinner is Magnificent

If you’re invited to an Arabic home for dinner, prepare yourself. A lamb is almost always slaughtered and served in the honour of the guests and cooked to perfection.

And Every Meal is Huge

There is no such thing as a three-course meal with Arabs, so make sure to fast two days in advance – as the supply of food never ends!

They Care about Your Preferences

All your preferences are always taken into consideration to make sure guests are comfortable. Whether it’s a healthy alternative, or your specific drink… it’ll be waiting for you.

Your Comfort is their Biggest Concern

One of the best things about Arabic hospitality is making sure

Entertainment is Important!

Making sure you’re having the time of your life and constantly smiling is super important.

You Become Part of the Family

No matter your age, religion or ethnicity, you will always be taken in as their own – no matter where in the world you are!

At the End of it, You’ll Never Want to Leave

Without a doubt, one of the greatest forms of hospitality seeps from the Arab nation. And by the ends of it, you’ll definitely never want to leave!

Arab hosts are prepared to make any necessary accommodations in their dining or entertainment plans to give their guests the best possible experience. If you are a guest in an Arab home, it is important to know that you come first. Do your best to combat the awkwardness that comes with everyone being overly polite and courteous towards one another, without coming off as impolite yourself. Enjoy the special treatment and embrace it as customary, so the host may feel a sense of fulfillment regarding their duty to pamper you like you never thought you could be. And after reading this article, You should travel to a Arab destination, and definitely try this one out for a taste of good quality ARABIC HOSPITALITY! And by the way, if there was a flight scheduled, I would have booked my ticket right now, and take a trip to Dubai, just to experience the Arabic Hospitality,and see if it is True!

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