Are Simulated Reality Leagues the Future Of Online Sports Betting?

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Are Simulated Reality Leagues the Future Of Online Sports Betting?

Online sports betting has been growing consistently in the past, with more and more people discovering the fun and the entertainment it brings. However, with major sporting events either canceled or postponed nowadays, there is one major problem for the online sports betting industry: there are no sports to bet on right now.

Thankfully, there is a new thing called Simulated Reality League – SRL Betting. Through this, players can keep their online sports betting activities alive and kicking despite most games being out right now. Is this the future of online sports betting?

What is the Simulated Reality League?

A Simulated Reality League, as its name implies, is a sporting event that is only purely only and a product of computer graphics imaging, but aims to simulate real-life scenarios. SRL sporting events feature events, players, and teams that also exists in real life and are made to give the best experience to bettors. The goal of SRL games is to create a virtual sporting event that feels as close to the real thing as possible.

One may ask, how does this work? The answer is simple: since it is a “simulation,” game developers make use of real-world information and create an algorithm from it. They collect data from the past 500 games of a certain team or player, their vital statistics, their form, and even their professional history. They also account for the climate of the place where the virtual game will virtually happen. This will result in them being able to provide simulated odds to the online bettors based on all the information about the teams that will face off in an upcoming game.

A SImulated Reality game happens in real-time and it usually takes place for about 60 to 90 minutes. As for the real-life leagues that you can bet on virtual matches in SRL games, here are some of the most popular ones: the English Premier League SRL, the Bundesliga SRL, the La Liga SRL, the Seria A SRL, the Russian Premier League SRL, the Turkish Super League SRL, the Greek Super League SRL, and many others.

How can you bet on Simulated Reality League?

Betting in a Simulated Reality League is basically the same as betting in a real-life sporting event. Most platforms offer two options for places on how they can bet in an SRL game.

The first is what we can a pre-match betting. This means that players will take the pre-match odds into consideration and place their bets according to how they want to use the given odds to their advantage.

The second form of betting in a Simulated Reality Leagues is called live betting. This is the same as in-game betting, where a bettor would only put in their wager during the game itself. For some players, they see this as a safer form of placing bets as sometimes games turnout to give results that are way off the charts than what the odds have predicted. This is true, even in a virtual game such as the Simulated Reality League.

As for the ways to bet, there are several ways a bettor can wager for a game. Thus, options are not just limited to who would win, or what the final scores would be. In fact, one can bet in more than 70 ways in a simulated reality League game.

Here are some ways to bet on an SRL event:

Three-Way 1×2
Handicap (and other forms of handicaps as well)
Double Chance
Final score margins
Exact score of the winner
Match bet and totals
Home team goal number
Combines team scores

No games playing right now? No worries, SRL games are here to save the day for you!

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