Are They Waiting for a Minister to Pee First in Order to Open this ‘MCC Pink Toilet’?

Are They Waiting for a Minister to Pee First in Order to Open this ‘MCC Pink Toilet’?

Mangaluru: During the Election Model Code of Conduct {EMCC} it had created lots of inconveniences and hassles to citizens, even hosting a wedding/roce/other grand celebrations had become hardship for host and revelers- and yet another impact of EMCC was putting on hold of a newly built Pink toilet for men and women near KankanadyPumpwell, at the entrance of Kankanady Bye Pass Road-Mangaluru, and even though the elections are over the almost completed Pink Toilet is not opened for public. Everything is ready, except for electricity connection and few minor things to be finished, according to the owner of a petty shop nearby.

As the saying goes, “When You Gotta Go You Gotta Go!” – It means you have to go to the restroom/toilet really bad. But unfortunately, this proverb won’t suit appropriate here, especially if you are around the Pumpwell vicinity, because even though a brand new toilet is ready to use. but SORRY, you can’t use it. until a date is fixed, and inaugurated by a neta. Sounds funny, but it’s true- and like one elderly citizen said, ” Why even wait for the inauguration. Do we care about it? We need the facility for our needs. Even though the toilet is almost ready to use, why are they delaying in putting to use for the public? Why even plan a big inauguration ceremony to waste more of peoples money”.

Looking at the present condition of this toilet, the non-utilization of it is a total waste of taxpayers money, even when the toilet is ready to be used since someone needs inaugural publicity. Out of curiosity, I want to know on how the toilet complex would be inaugurated- will it be just like the guests including few politicians enjoyed dishes during the Indira Canteen inauguration-so in this case, will it be something like a politician or politicians Peeing FIRST and declare it open to the public?

Sources reveal that prior to the construction of this Pink Toilet, a group of Young Ladies/students had met the DC and had requested him to construct a toilet in the Pumpwell vicinity, since there was no toilet in that area- when they wait for long hours for their buses to arrive. And DC, MCC and District Administration had agreed, and the project went ahead. But unfortunately it has been months, that the toilet is still not opened, and dust/garbage is gathering at the entrance- and also a bunch of tempos are seen parked in front of it.

So why the delay in opening this Toilet, when it is almost ready for use? Why even waste money on such a project by not putting it into use for the public, when a toilet is very much needed in that area? Is anybody listening, I hope so? Kindly finish the final touches of the toilet and open it at the earliest, and even though it was a project undertaken during MLA J R Lobo’s term- it doesn’t matter- BJP netas, MP Nalin Kumar Kateel and MLA Vedavyas Kamath are always ready to cut ribbons?

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Henry James

This rather reminds me of the house warming ceremony in our coastal region (“Illu Okkel”)… especially in porbu families. One the day the priest would bless the house and, as a symbolic gesture, would ask each of the family members to inaugurate various facilities in the house such as fire, water, electricity etc. Little do people in those functions know that the electricians, plumbers, painters and floor polishers (with their Bijapur helpers) had actually inaugurated most of the new house facilities (including the toilet) only the previous night.

Eulalia Dsouza

This is nothing but our usual Political Drama. But then until Bengalore Drama gets over, this wait will continue.Please request the DC, since this rainy season is when public needs to use bathrooms more than summer time. Let our DC Inaugurate these toilets & dedicate same to Public. If not public should take things seriously in to their hands n start using these toilets.