Aussie guiding England to Ashes win will be beautiful: Broad

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London, June 28 (IANS) England fast bowler Stuart Broad said on Sunday he is relishing the prospect of an Australian guiding England to an Ashes win.

Trevor Bayliss is the first ever Australian to coach England and his first test as the manager will be in the five-match Ashes series scheduled to start on July 8 in Cardiff.

“I love the fact he’s Australian, and could potentially take the Ashes away from Australia, to see a picture of an Aussie with the Three Lions on his chest, Ashes urn in his hand, that would be beautiful,” Broad was quoted as saying by on Sunday.

“I quite like that sort of banter involved in the series.”

Buoyed by a One-Day International (ODI) series victory over World Cup finalists New Zealand, England have travelled to Spain for a four-day trip with Bayliss.

Broad added they would want to beat Australia with a smile on their faces and not by sledging them.

“You have seen in the past couple of months guys playing with smiles on their faces and playing aggressive, free-flowing, positive cricket, and that is how we will beat Australia,” Broad said.

“We won’t beat them by out-sledging them.”

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