Awareness Talk on Breast Cancer motivates Cops to go for Health Check-Up

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Expressing Gratitude to Cops – Shows the Way with Health Camp

Cancer is that awful word we all fear when we go to the doctor for a physical exam, but in that brief dark moment, we hear it the world we live in and the people we share it with begin to illuminate things we did not even pay attention to – BD Phillips

Mangaluru: The police department is one of the very few arms of the government which works round the clock. They are expected to be people-friendly even in most stressful moments and they happen to bear the brunt in every situation.


Yet they do not get the kind of understanding they deserve as fellow-humans. With this idea in mind, decided to do something constructive for the law-keepers. The portal, in association with Kasturba Medical College (KMC) hospital and the city police administration, jointly organized an awareness talk on Breast Cancer and a Medical Camp at the premises of the city police commissionerate here on Saturday, April 30.

The programme began with an invocation, followed by welcome address by Alfie D’Souza of The programme was inaugurated by Commissioner of Police Chandra Sekhar IPS, by lighting the traditional lamp along with other dignitaries on the dais.

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Four Chief Minister’s Gold Medal winners, namely Shantharam-Police Inspector-Bunder Police Station, City Armed Reserve Police Inspector Sachin Lawrence, Police Sub-Inspector of Ullal- Bharati, and Head Constable of Bajpe- Muhammed were felicitated by on the occasion, with the Chief Guest honouring the recipients. Proprietor & Editor-in-chief of Violet J Pereira read out the citation.

In his response to the felicitation, police inspector Shantharam said that had recognized his service and felicitated him on receiving the Chief Minister’s medal. He expressed his gratitude to the entire team of for their gesture. Stressing that his responsibilities towards the society had increased, he assured that he would surely discharge his duties with integrity and transparency.


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DCP crime and traffic Dr Sanjeev Patil said that had taken great efforts to organize the programme for the police personnel, in association with the KMC. He had a special word of appreciation for Violet Pereira for holding many awareness programmes under their SR. He recalled that on her birthday recently, she had organized an awareness talk on organ donation and a drive which was very successful.

Dr Patil further said that creating awareness about breast cancer was the need of the hour because this ailment had claimed the lives of a large number of women. Breast cancer could be successfully treated if detected during the early stages.

He also mentioned that the department had some time ago organized a health camp for traffic police under the leadership of the police commissioner. The KMC hospital was always ready in providing medical assistance. The hospital had joined hands to improve the health of the police personnel. Dr Patil urged all the staff to acquire knowledge by attending the talk and also benefit from the medical camp.


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District information officer Khader Shah, speaking on the occasion said that Violet Pereira had always been dedicatedly active in her work and organized many health-related programmes in various institutions. By organizing awareness talk on Breast Cancer and a medical camp in association with the police department was a noble act.

It was only a day earlier that the police commissioner had expressed concern at a media meet that some of the local youth were getting involved in anti-social activities and that they needed counselling. Khader Shah suggested that counselling camps be held to bring such persons back on track with a view to creating a better society.

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Speaking on the occasion, commissioner Chandra Sekhar said that everyone could face problems because of stress. This could lead to illnesses. Tension could worsen when it was taken as tension. One should not panic in tension. Situations of tension could decrease efficiency by 50 per cent. Tension-free work would lead to increased efficiency and better fitness level. Stress should not be let off on one’s families and instead, it should be controlled, he advised.

He further said that police personnel might think it was not necessary to go to the doctor. The police personnel joined the force after undergoing very stringent fitness programme while also getting trained on the job. Once they joined the force, there could be a tendency to neglect one’s health. He cautioned that it was common for the police personnel not to visit the doctor while thinking that they did not have any health problems.



Citing an apt example, the commissioner said that the engine in a vehicle, because of the wear and tear, could develop problems and hence would be repaired. If minor problems were not attended to in time, it could lead to a serious breakdown. Similarly, if minor health problems were not attended to in time, there could be grave trouble to the body. He concluded his speech by congratulating and KMC on their initiative in organizing the medical camp and the talk on breast cancer.

PI Shantharam delivered the vote of thanks. Harish compered the programme. Resident Radiologist at KMC, Dr Priyanka delivered a talk on breast cancer, which was seriously listened by the audience. Cardiac Electrophysiologist – KMC, Dr Maneesh Rai spoke on heart disease. A general medical camp and heart check-up was also held for the police personnel by Dr Maneesh, who was assisted by experts in Cardiology at KMC namely, Dr Akshay Dalal and Dr Kripa. Team Mangalorean also want to thank the PROs at KMC namely Rakesh and Hari for their support and arrangements pertaining to the project.

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