Balochs in the Brink of Extinction – Prof Naela Baloch

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Balochs in the Brink of Extinction – Prof Naela Baloch

Manipal: “The China-Pak Economic Corridor (CPEC) would prove a death sentence to the Balochs as it would completely eliminate the little province from the world map”, said the president of World Baloch Women’s Forum Prof Naela Quadri Baloch.

Speaking to the media persons Prof Naela Quadri Baloch said, “Genocide of the Balochs by the Pakistani army is a major problem existing in the Indian sub-continent. The eight stages of genocide accepted by the United Nation are visible in Baluchistan. The Balochs would be eliminated from this planet if the international community and the forces will not take action in time. 52 percent of the land mass of Pakistan is Baluchistan. Baluchistan has 53 trillion dollars of minerals and assets including gold, oil and gas. Pakistan is exploiting it as it has no resources with a huge population. Pakistan needs to occupy Baluchistan in a form that there would be no Balochs”.

She further said, “Pakistan has brought the Chinese army in Baluchistan and also the people of China for the new China towns. After 20 years the Chinese population will be many times more than the Baloch population and in the near future, a Chinese would be the prime minister of Baluchistan. Besides, the regular Pakistani army controls Baluchistan. The educational institutions are converted into army barracks. Baluchistan has lost two generations”.

Asserting that Pakistan is a proxy country, the political activist said Pakistan is created for the proxy interest of international forces. Pakistan takes advantage of the international situation. Pakistan army rules the judiciary, legislature, and Constitution in Pakistan.

She said “30000 Balochs were missing since 2006 including women and children and their mass grave was found. The international community has remained silent. Iran is another victim of Pakistan and does not want to interfere in the affairs of Baluchistan”.

Initially, the Balochs were called the Indian agents or RAW agents. However, after the recent Indian PMs Remarks on Baluchistan, the Balochs are called Indians and the killing has multiplied. They are taking the pleasure of killing Indians. She added practical attempts are required to stop the genocide, which requires political will and support from Indians and the Indian political arena. It should be a matter of national security for India. She added if Pakistan succeeds taking over Baluchistan completely, it would prove detrimental to India and its security. More attacks and terror would be the common phenomena and peace, stability and development of the region would be a distant dream. Pakistan should be stopped from being the industry of exporting terror. Pakistan after taking all the benefits from China is also exporting terror into China. Hence China has sealed its border shared with Pakistan.

The route of CPEC witnesses the genocide of Balochs. It would have a negative consequence for India. The Balochs are struggling to regain sovereignty without the support from any international organizations.

She also said “POK is also militarized by Pakistan and Chinese army and also the civil death squads. Hatred in the name of religion is a new experience for Balochs who are peace lovers as they have their inheritance in Sufi saints. Lawyers, journalists, and police officers are mercilessly massacred. The Pakistan army has links with the IS and ISI and allows them to operate and have also lent their full support. The Baloch ambassadors are voicing the demand for the rights outside the nation. Balochs are having trust on India”, she concluded.

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  1. How come PFI, CFI and other ‘peaceful’ groups never protest against crimes committed in Balochistan by Pakistan?

  2. Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s Independence Day speech sought to bring back the focus on Balochistan, nearly seven years after an India-Pakistan joint statement mentioned it, which led to an outcry over the UPA government’s Pakistan strategy.
    The need to speak up about human rights abuses in Balochistan cannot be overstated. However, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi ostensibly expressing solidarity with the people in one the most underreported conflict zones in the world on August 15 was arguably a case of the worst possible person speaking up at the worst possible time.

    Modi’s message wasn’t just inopportune because it came amidst turmoil in Kashmir, where 66 people have been killed in the past month.

    Was born in Karachi and feel sad upon the fact today that Karachi isn’t part of India and India ‘incomplete’ without Pakistan’s Sindh says Advani.

    Before Balochistan falls back will Sindh will be attached for LK Advani dream to become reality along with Balochisatan?

    PM Modi should stop sending diplomacy ‘Birthday messages’. He should act tough on ISI in his own BJP and threat perception across the western border.

    Only ‘mann ki baat’ , ‘raincoat bath’ cant save the nation. It needs the walk the talk.

    Jai Hind

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