Ban immoral ads, shows, demands VHP

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Ban immoral ads, shows, demands VHP

Mangaluru:  Raunchy ads and bold TV shows and web series are in the line of fire of the Vishwa Hindu Parishad. On the concluding day of its three-day Central Council meeting held in Mangaluru, the VHP expressed its strong reservation against “immoral advertisements” and shows and demanded a ban on them.

“There has been a deterioration of Hindu values in the society, which has resulted in the incidences of women being targeted,” noted a VHP statement.

“Some television shows… immoral advertisements and films have also been one of the reasons for today’s situation in the society,” it said, urging the government to strictly deal with such serials, webseries, and advertisements and even “ban them”.

The VHP said such shows and ads are contributing to creating an unsafe atmosphere for women. “In Hindu society, women are worshipped and are not treated as commodity,” it said.

The VHP has also demanded that the benefit of Article 29-30 be extended to all communities, including those practising Hindu faith. The VHP claimed that the discrimination is based on appeasement.

Talking about alleged appeasement, the VHP for the second day in a row has lashed out at the Andhra and Telangana governments. It claimed that the taxpayers money is used to find salaries of minority priests.

On Ram temple, the VHP has decided to hold nationwide Ram Utsav next year. The decision has been made to celebrate it in all villages, said the VHP.

“VHP has decided to hold big Sabhas in every village and mohalla of our country. It would initiate programmes portraying the life and principles of Lord Ram which need to be inculcated in today’s society,” said the VHP.

In the three-day VHP Central Council and Pranyasi Mandal meeting, many delegates from the UK, USA and Asian countries participated.

Various points related to the Society, Nation and Hindu Dharma were discussed.

“We strongly object to paying salaries and other emoluments to ‘moulavis’ and Christian priests with funds generated by the Hindu taxpayers. On the other hand, things have been made expensive for Hindu pilgrims,” alleged the VHP.

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