Bantwal: Bike-riders Snatch Chain from Woman, Only to Find it to be an Imitation Piece!

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Bantwal: As gold prices keep soaring, evil eyes fall on soft targets like women walking alone in deserted areas or poorly-lit streets.

Dozens of cases have been reported from the two districts over the last two or three years. In spite of regular reports of snatching appearing in the media and cautions issued by the police, women do not seem to get wiser or their family members do not orientate them to avoid weaing expensive ornaments while moving around alone.


But an exception has been reported from the taluk. Lalita, a resident of Magamarugudde near Punjalkatte, was walking near her house around 4 pm on Sunday. Two young men riding a bike arrived, stopped over to ask for the way leading to Ujire in Tulu.

Just as she was giving a reply, one of them snatched a chain from her neck and sped away. As she screamed for help, the duo had already made their way toward Beltangady direction. The public who had gathered tried to chase them but without any use.

However, Lalita was not looking much worried. She revealed that it was an imitation piece that she was wearing. Those who came to her assistance were at least happy that they tried to catch the culprits, whose motive was not artificial.

At the same time, they wished that all women take a cue from Lalita and wear, in their own safety, artificial ornaments, some of which look better than the genuine ones.

The Punjalkatte police are investigating further.

The unending ‘chain’:

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  1. In a socialist state such as Europe I wouldn’t be surprised if this chain snatcher gets the legal right to sue the victim for wearing imitation jewellery. A burglar has the right in the West to sue the home owner if he gets attacked during robbery for disproportionate use of force. This is what happens when people get too many rights in a system with no accountability.

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