Barricades Installed Near Bondel Church are More HAZARDOUS Than Providing SAFETY?

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Barricades Installed Near Bondel Church are More HAZARDOUS Than Providing SAFETY?

Mangaluru: Just because a media had published about accidents taking place near Bondel Church road since there were no barricades or road humps in that area. The police without looking into the pros and cons of placing barricades had blindly installed two barricades each on both sides of the road. By doing so do you think they have taken the right measures in preventing accidents taking place-I don’t think so- and it’s not just my opinion, but also of few other residents, auto-rickshaw drivers in that area- one auto-driver went on to say, “Edu Huchuuthana” {This is Simply Madness}. Oh well! Can’t help, there are not too many smart people to manage this Smart City, I suppose!

Talking about these barricades, instead of providing SAFETY are nothing but HAZARDOUS- for the fact- last night while returning from Mangaluru International Airport, the taxi driver who was not familiar with this stretch of Bondel Road, narrowly missed by few inches ramming his car into one of the barricades- luckily we were all safe, including an Australian citizen visiting India on a project. The Australian was surprised to see that barricades are placed on the road without any warning signs or any good reflectors on the barricades. When asked if barricades are placed on Sydney roads to prevent accidents from taking place, he had his last laugh saying, “Are you crazy. No barricades, whatsoever. This is foolishness to kill people?”

Now since the barricades are still there, but when they were installed a few weeks ago, ACP of Traffic, Manjunath Shetty had clearly said, “Roads humps would have been better than barricades, but since humps are not allowed on this airport road due to technical problems, so the only option is to place these barricades. I have instructed the management of the school to remove the barricades at night and place them back in the morning. And the school management has assured the police department full cooperation in this regard”. Well said by ACP, but unfortunately, no one has adhered to his request, since the barricades remain day and night in the middle of the road, posing danger to motorists especially during night time.

The safety hazard of these barricades is that they are not clearly visible, thanks to poor lighting, paint peeling off, and lack of reflectors. And in case if a barricade is knocked down by a fast-moving vehicle, it is often left on the road for hours and days-thereby posing more danger to motorists. The danger is worse when it rains. No lights, signs and signals are placed to alert motorists to the barricades. Motorists suddenly come upon the barricades, and brake abruptly. Many motorcycle riders say those on the pillion are especially vulnerable, as sudden braking can throw them off, and under the wheels of a passing vehicle. The fact is that these barricades spring into view suddenly. So the idea behind to erect these barricades to reduce the speed by motorists is nothing but a dumb idea. Period!

Surely, these barricades are a menace. There could be other ways to check speeding. But if they are still sticking to barricades, installing lights on the barricade and also warning signs few meters away while approaching these barricades can help the rider notice it well in time. And also that majority of the motorists who take this stretch of Bondel Road are regulars, and since they know the location of the barricades they simply zoom in between these structures, without even slowing down. So what’s the point in having these so-called Safety Barricades, which are nothing but Non-Safety Killing Structures?

In conclusion, the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways manual clearly mentions where and when the barricades can be placed. They have to be used for specific purposes only. A person can approach the Court in case of accidents due to unscientifically placed barricades. In case of accident due to haphazardly placed traffic barricades, the traffic officials can definitely be implicated. Barricades are meant to be a temporary arrangement. It should be used only in case of emergency or for traffic diversions. Barricades that are placed on a permanent basis on some of the roads have to be removed. You need something better to control the recklessness and careless driving of motorists, and nor barricades without reflectors or warning signs which may cause accidents or death, more than reduce speed for the matter, for the safety of pedestrians. So what’s your opinion?

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  1. I am stunned to read that the police have asked the school to place and remove the barricades when not required for the safety of the students.As far as I know whenever temporary barricades are placed on a road there MUST be a uniformed policeman standing by.
    Moreover, what are these yellow barricades with POLICE painted on them. These barricades are for people control and not traffic control unless they have (1) irridescent red & yellow strips on them, cats eye reflectors and clearly marked boards stating school children crosing ahead- all missing at Bondel.
    Why are there no Solar blinking streetlights at this very dangerous T junction that has claimed lives.
    The fancy signage only in certain parts of the city- in Mangalore South ???

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