‘Be Grateful to your Alma Mater, Parents & Teachers’ – a Advise to the 104 MCoDS Graduates

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‘Be Grateful to your Alma Mater, Parents & Teachers’ – a Advise to the 104 Manipal College of Dental Sciences, Mangaluru Graduates by the Chief Guest and Guests of honor during the 31st College Day and Awards Ceremony of Manipal College of Dental Sciences, held on Friday, 29 March 2019 at TMA Pai International Convention Centre, Mangaluru

Mangaluru: Wow- more than just a ordinary College Day and Awards Ceremony, this glamorous event seemed like a Filmfare Awards Nite, where the 104 graduating batch of 2014-2019, along with college mates were dressed to thrill in their glittering sarees/salwar Kameez, as prospective “Doctors of Oral Health” amidst their parents, teachers, and “Evergreen Dilip Kumar ” ! – Oops, I meant to say, the dynamic and energetic Dean of MCoDS Dr Dilip Naik, who was beaming with pride admiring the accomplishments and achievements of his college students excelled in academics and co-curricular activities. Just like Jio’s “Double Dhamaka” offer, the invited guests and well-wishers got the opportunity to take part in the double extravaganza “College Day” cum “Awards Ceremony”, during one memorable evening.

Quoting Arie Pencovici who had said “Graduation is only a concept. In real life every day you graduate. Graduation is a process that goes on until the last day of your life. If you can grasp that, you’ll make a difference”, and for these 104 who graduated into becoming Dentists marking the beginning of an exciting new chapter in their life, were all beaming with smile and pride as they were ready to receive laurels and awards for their achievements in their academics and co-curricular activities. This celebration also belonged to these 104 graduates, to bask in the glory of their achievement of attaining the coveted prefix ‘Dr’ in front of their names. And now as these graduates emerge out of the campus and look forward to serve the community, they will be of great asset to the needy patients who are anticipating their dedicated and professional services. As it is said, “Optimism is the faith that leads to achievement. Nothing can be done without hope and confidence. An attitude of absoluteness is the basis for everything “.

These graduates of batch 2014 resemble that of a Star-who have now graduated with pride and dignity, but, full of gratefulness. However, this journey brought about many challenges, like decisions to be made and feelings to be nurtured. These graduates celebrated their achievement, who have committed to and succeeded in completing one of the most challenging modes of studying. They have all brought immense joy to their Alma mater, and most of all, to their teachers and especially, their parents. Congratulations, Graduates!

The College Day and Awards Ceremony began with invoking God’s blessings through a prayer song by Dr Sowmya, Ms Aparna and Ms Shreya, followed by welcome address by Dr Ashita Uppoor- Associate Dean of MCoDs. The elaborate Annual Report through audio-video presentation was delivered by College Dean Dr Dilip Naik-the Dean of the College, followed by inauguration of the ceremony by lighting the traditional lamp by Chief Guest Dr Prasanna Neelakantan-(Assistant Dean, Research and Innovation) and Faculty of Dentistry at University of Hong Kong; along with other dignitaries on the dais namely- Dr V Surendra Shetty- Pro Vice Chancellor, Manipal Academy of Higher Studies (MAHE), Dr Poornima Baliga- Pro Vice Chancellor, Faculty of Health Sciences-MAHE, Dr Dilip Naik, Dr Ashitha Uppoor and Dr Premalatha Shetty- Associate Deans-MCoDS, and Ms Sai Soumya-President of the Dental Students Association-MCoDS.

After being introduced by Dr Kundabala M, a faculty at MCoDS, the chief guest Dr Prasanna Neelakantan in his address to the audience said, ” Now that many of you have graduated and will be leaving your institution, make sure that you show gratefulness to your Alma Mater, your parents and teachers. Respect teachers as your role models. Always be proud of yourselves, and establish clean goals, both short and long term. If you fail once don’t give up, instead try again and again and success will be yours for sure. Complacency has no place. You need to work as if there is no tomorrow”.

“In a quote that has become part of medical school orientations everywhere, David Sackett, often referred to as the “father of evidence-based medicine,” once famously said, “Half of what you’ll learn in medical school will be shown to be either dead wrong or out of date within five years of your graduation; the trouble is that nobody can tell you which half–so the most important thing to learn is how to learn on your own”. So once your are graduated keep yourself upgraded with latest technology and developments. Avail all the opportunities you get. Show gratitude to those who had played an important role in your lives, including your parents and Teachers. Stay strong with your passion towards your career. Have integrity and work relaxed with no tension or depression. Once again work like there is no tomorrow. Best of luck” added Dr Neelakantan.

Pro Vice Chancellors Dr Surendra Shetty said, “You should know that MCoDs is one among the top dental colleges in India. Started in 1987, MCODS Mangaluru has evolved over the past 32 years to occupy a cherished place in the minds of the students, faculty and alumni. Owing to an excellent track record of academic performance, it has consistently been a preferred choice of students wanting to pursue their under-graduation in dentistry as well as in various disciplines of post-graduation. A confident and enthusiastic team of teaching faculty backed by the management’s commitment to providing good infrastructure ensures that a student leaves the portals of this institution well-armed with proficiency, skills, knowledge and above-all a supreme sense of confidence to tackle the future head-on. Look not only to serve in big cities, but also serve in rural areas, thereby serving the villagers and earning their respect and blessing. Set aside some time also for medical dental programmes. Do well in your future, and always be grateful to your Alma Mater, parents and teachers”.

Pro Vice Chancellor Dr Poornima Baliga said, “Apart from academics you need to engage yourselves in co-curricular activities, and for that matter MCoDS provides all the facilities you need in such activities and in sports. I was a witness for SCORE-1, and I am sure SCORE-2 will be much better and BIGGER. When you learn at MCoDS you have a secured life and a good future. Choose your career of your choice, and not forced or suggested by others. Be your own decision maker. Choose the right path. Life won’t be a bed of roses, there will thorns in it too- so overcome all obstacles and reach for greater heights. Work hard with dedication and commitment, and success will prevail”.

Release of the College Magazine was done by Dr Poornima Baliga. India’s former President Late APJ Abdul Kalam once said, “Dreams is not what you see in sleep, but is the thing which doesn’t let you sleep”- now it was time to honor all the graduates and others with the Academic awards for 2018, comprising of prize winners of I, II, III, IV BDS and endowment prizes; Award for overall excellence 2018; Silver Jubilee Alumni Golden Medal for 2018; presentation of Research Awards, comprising of PRAISE certificates, Certificate for maximum FAIR publication points 2018; etc and also cultural and sports awards, which were given away by the chief guest and guests of honor. The best outgoing student of 2018-Aasadur Rahaman Midday, who won a bunch of awards expressed his thoughts and experiences at MCoDS.

Administration of oath to the graduates was done by Dr Premalatha K, which was followed by a toast to the institution by Ms Anahitha Deo and Ms Shwetha Bhambu of graduating Batch of 2014. A short audio video presentation of Nostalgia-Down the memory lane presented by the Interns received laud applaud from the audience. Like they draw curtains to what has been a theatre of nostalgia, it was time for Dr. Premalatha Shetty K to propose the vote of thanks. The entire programme was professionally compered by Dr Nanditha Shenoy and Dr Karthik Shetty, and the cultural part of the programme compered by Dr Soumya Tyagi. After national anthem being sung, it was cultural extravaganza, where the students unleashed their hidden talents in the form of music and dance. Akash Adak of II year Dental at MCoDS was phenomenon when he performed the song “My Heart Will Go On” from the movie Titanic, who received loud applause.

The celebration ended with bunch of selfies and group photos, and dance session on the floor where the outgoing students made the best of of it for the last time. “Spread your wings ; now is the time to dare, to dream, to reach for the sky. This is the moment you will see, if you want it now ,you can have it all. This is not the day where you concede, you have more strength than you would know. This is where you will, if you show them, how far you will go”.

In conclusion, in my perspective, as you all prepare to launch into the real world beyond college, let me take a moment to congratulate the newly minted 104 graduates- No matter what your circumstances in life — where you live, the family you were born into, what happened to you as a young child or a college student that was beyond your control, but now is the time to step forward into your own true self and begin the chapter of life that is truly yours for the making. ” Your beliefs become your thoughts, Your thoughts become your words, Your words become your actions, Your actions become your habits, Your habits become your values, Your values become your destiny.”, so go and move into the society and follow these words of Mahatma Gandhi, and be good professionals in your respected fields and serve the patients with dedication and sincerity and bring joy and smiles on their faces.

“Every great dream begins with a dreamer. Always remember, you have within you the strength, the patience and the passion to reach for the stars to challenge the world. Hope your dreams take you to the corners of your smiles, to the highest of your hopes, to the windows of your opportunities, and to the most special places your heart has ever known”- Congratulations,and like the chief guest and guests of honors have said, “Always be grateful to your Alma Mater, Parents and Teachers”! Long Live Manipal College of Dental Sciences, under the leadership of Dr Dilip Naik!

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