Beach Festival with a Heart! Exciting Mix of Sports & Entertainment to Raise Funds for Terminally-Ill

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A Beach Festival With a Heart! Exciting Mix of Sports & Entertainment to Raise Funds for Terminally-Ill and it’s going to be India’s FIRST ‘Beachside Startup Fest’ on 16/17 February & ‘Mangaluru Triathlon 2.0’ on February 18 at Tannirbhavi Beach. KMC Hospital is the Medical partner to attend to all the emergency cases or injuries during the Fest. under the leadership of Consultant and Head, of Department of Emergency Medicine at Kasturba Medical College Hospital Mangaluru, Manipal Hospital Goa and Kerala

Mangaluru: The picturesque Tannirbhavi Beach, next to the Blue Flag beach, will serve as a vibrant backdrop for networking, innovation, and the celebration of entrepreneurial spirit for “Emerge-2024”, to be held from Feb 16 to 18. Held under the banner of Tapasya Beach Festival (TBF), the event is aimed at fostering and nurturing emerging startups. Vishwas US, regional director, of the International Federation of Inventors Association (IFIA) Bharat, who is spearheading this initiative, has said this is an effort to unite the startup ecosystem, and that it will feature presentations highlighting the distinct approaches of incubation and enabling centres, IPR and various aspects of the startup ecosystem. These presentations will be tailored to the specific needs and characteristics of the region.

The focus of this initiative is to harness and showcase the immense potential of Mangaluru in building one of the most vibrant startup ecosystems and making it the Startup capital of India. The event will be inaugurated by the world’s youngest CEO Suhas Gopinath, chairman, of Globals Inc and T-Hub. Efforts are being made to gamify the event, aimed at introducing the concept of gamification to the city. Harnish J Raj, a core team member, TBF and secretary, of the WeRCycling club, speaking to Team Mangalorean said the beach festival will also feature a triathlon, food festival, and various other engaging events. “This innovative event opens doors for future developments, where aspects of medical, educational, and religious tourism can be seamlessly integrated. This is a first-of-its-kind event,” added Raj.

Building palliative-care centres for terminally ill cancer patients is the need of the hour in every part of India. A world-class palliative-care centre in Mangaluru is being spearheaded by Ln Sabita Shetty, Managing Trustee of Tapasya Foundation in association with Lions Clubs International Foundation and Mangalore Police. To raise funds for the cause, the state government has permitted to organise the much anticipated Tapasya Beach Festival 2024 along with IDFC FIRST Bank Mangaluru Triathlon. Tapasya Mangalore Beach Festival is set to captivate Mangaluru from February 16th to 18th at Tannirbhavi Beach with loads of joy, fun and entertainment. This unique festival blends sportsmanship, entertainment, and community spirit, while rallying for a noble cause — supporting terminally-ill cancer patients through the endeavours of the Tapasya Foundation.

This event will help build a world-class palliative care centre offering free care for the terminally ill. Celebrating Unity and Empowerment: “Every year, nearly six lakh cancer patients are declared terminally ill,” says Sabita Shetty. “But the facilities to care for the terminally ill are woefully inadequate. The Tapasya Palliative Care Centre is our effort to alleviate the pain of these patients and their families. And the Tapasya Beach Festival is an initiative to raise funds for the centre so we can reach more and more people.”

Led by Naveen Chandra Hegde, Trustee of the Tapasya Foundation, the festival is more than a celebration of sports; it’s a heartfelt initiative to raise funds for cancer patients. “The idea behind the event is to not only raise funds for the palliative care centre but also raise awareness about the care terminally ill cancer patients need. We believe an event that combines sports, culture, arts and entertainment, set against the backdrop of Mangaluru’s picturesque beach, is a great way to do just that,” he said.

Dr Ashajyothi Rai, the festival coordinator, will ensure a seamless and memorable experience for participants and attendees. “We have designed the festival experience to make sure that no matter what your interests or age or profession, you will find something fun and worthwhile to do at the festival. Nothing of this scale has been done in Mangaluru before, and we are hoping this will become a marquee annual event,’ said Dr Rai.

A Festival Extravaganza with Several Activities:

This iconic athletic event featuring Olympic-level triathlon, duathlon, team relay, half marathon through the city, different categories of open sea swimming, cycling, runs on the beach, and a charity walk offers diverse participation opportunities. A wheelchair race for the physically challenged shows the uniqueness of the IDFC First Bank Mangaluru Triathlon. Beach Sports: A host of beach sports such as the first Beach Volleyball Event anywhere in India, The first state-level Beach Kushti (Body Wrestling)in India, marvel at the famous Mallakambha, Ancient Martial arts of Kalaripayattu, Exciting Kite Show, Bike show performances and several sea sports to make it a very unique event.

Community Kitchen — first of its kind A community kitchen will serve all participants breakfast, lunch and dinner free at the venue for all three days making Mangaluru Triathlon the first in the world to showcase the highest level of hospitality. Culinary Delights: Binge by Beach, a food festival, offers participants the opportunity to savour local and international cuisines from various restaurants.

Emerge 2024:

Innovation meets creativity at this unique startup event, featuring engaging sessions, networking opportunities, and insightful discussions. Bike Show and Car Display: Visitors will get a chance to admire motorcycles and supercars, with stunt shows and demonstrations adding an extra thrill. The bike show kicks off on the morning of February 16th with a motorcycle rally from IDFC First Bank Ballabgarh branch. On February 17th, an array of superbikes and supercars will go on display at 5 pm. The festival concludes on February 18th with Padam Prashanth’s stunt show at 5 pm at Tannirbhavi Beach. Water Sports: Stand Up Paddle and Surfing opportunities by the Mangalore Surf Club.

Melas and More:

Engage with agricultural, employment, and educational initiatives at Krishi Mela, and Education Mela. Nava Nari Udaymi Mela: A celebration of women-led businesses. Nava Nari Udaymi aims to uplift women entrepreneurs, showcasing their talents in handicrafts and small-scale items. Entertainment: Musical evenings by leading Bollywood musicians and DJs, and an exciting Kite Festival will make the beach vibrant on all three days. Making Waves for Cancer Patients: As the festival unfolds, it’s vital to remember that every cheer, ticket purchased, and contribution made directly impacts the lives of terminally ill cancer patients, supporting Tapasya Foundation’s palliative hospice centre.

Join the Cause:

Participate in this celebration of unity, creativity, and compassion at the Tapasya Beach Festival 2024. Each moment shared contributes to the noble cause of supporting cancer patients. For more information, registration details, and contributions, please visit [Tapasya Beach Festival] (

For More Details Contact: Naveen Chandra Hedge, Tapasya Foundation Trustee Dr Ashajyothi Rai, Tapasya Beach Festival Coordinator 99452 01505 9324051848

Event Details: Date: February 16th – 18th, 2024 Venue: Mangalore Surf Club, Tannirbhavi, Mangalore.

Join in creating waves of positive change and support for terminally ill cancer patients, making the Tapasya Beach Festival 2024 a memorable event with a lasting impact to achieve many goals.

Faces Behind the Cause:

Ln. Sabitha R Shetty, Founder and Managing Trustee of Tapasya Foundation and Lions Childhood Cancer Coordinator, plays a crucial role by spearheading the project with support from the Lions Club International Foundation along with trustees Dr Sudaram Rai, Vishwas, Naveen Hegde, Dr Ashayothi Rai, Mohan Shetty, Padmini P Rao and donors like Shri Ajit Rai, Shri V Vaidyanathan, Shri N B Shetty, Shri Adarsh Hegde and many more corporate companies. Vishwas, Secretary of the Tapasya Foundation, contributes to the organisational efforts, making the festival an expression of community commitment.

Commitments from Title Sponsor IDFC FIRST Bank has stood behind the Mangaluru Triathlon as a title sponsor for the second time in a row showing their commitment to promoting an Olympic-level triathlon and motivating medal winners from the region. Partnerships for a Purpose: Tapasya Foundation In collaboration with Lions Club International Foundation, Kasturba Medical College and Hospital, and Kasharp Fitness, the Tapasya Beach Festival embodies a collective commitment to philanthropy and community welfare. Kasturba Medical College and Hospital stand as medical partners, while Kasharp Fitness takes on the role of fitness partner. Yenepoya Hospital and Pro-Chancellor Dr Vijaya Kumar and the team have extended their support to start home care services since December 5.

The details were revealed/briefed during the press meeting held at Hotel Avatar, Attavar, Mangaluru on Tuesday, 13 February 2024. Trustees and Board members of Tapasya Foundation, Lions Club International Foundation, Mangaluru, among others were: Ln Sabita Shetty, Managing Trustee of Tapasya Foundation, and Lions International Childhood Cancer Coordinator; Naveeen Chandra Shetty-Trustee, Tapasya Foundation; Dr Asha Jyothi Ra-Trustee, Tapasya Foundation; Ln Dr Sudaram Rai-Trustee; Ln Vasanth Kumar Shetty-Trustee/Past District Governor Lions Club; Vishwas US-Trustee/Secretary, Tapasya Foundation, among others. Harnish J Raj of WeRCycling compared the press meet very eloquently and meticulously.


As part of the Tapasya Beach Festival (TBF), the Mangaluru Triathlon will be held on Feb 18 at Tannirbhavi Beach. The primary goal is to foster a community of triathletes who share a passion for endurance and athleticism, with the picturesque Tannirbhavi Beach in the background, and giving athletes a glimpse of the city.

Speaking to Team Mangalorean, Harnish J Raj, a core team member, TBF, and secretary, of WeRCycling club, said, “As part of this Olympic-level triathlon event, the athletes will participate in 1.5km of sea swimming, 40 km of cycling and 10 km of running. The other events will include a duathlon solo, a 40km cycling and 10km run, a triathlon relay done by a team of three members, a dream swim-1000m of sea swimming, a 40 km cycling race under dream cycling and 10 km run which will be partially on the beach. In addition, there will be 500m of open sea swimming, 20km of cycling, five kilometres of running on the beach, a half marathon of 21 km and 2 km charity walk and a wheelchair race.

Mangaluru Triathlon is the support of the Palliative cancer care initiative by the Tapasya Foundation. Tapasya Foundation envisages establishing and developing, a place of solace for terminally ill people to smoothly sail through the evening of their life and die with dignity and quality healthcare till the end. Thus we are set to take the first stride in building the Cancer Palliative Care Centre near Mudipu on the outskirts of Mangaluru in a pristine environment that will serve the needs of individuals who deserve to be taken care of.

The Palliative Care Centre primarily focuses on terminally ill Cancer patients and specifically intends to mainly take care of children who are less fortunate and have fallen prey to the dreaded disease, pushed to the jaws of death so early in life.

 For More Info

The registrations for all events are open on the Mangaluru Triathlon website. It is learnt that Athletes from the defence forces have confirmed their participation.

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