Beat the Summer Heat: Top Swimming Holes in AU

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Beat the Summer Heat: Top Swimming Holes in AU

You’ve done it. You’ve taken the plunge, rented a motorhome hire, and you’re traveling around Australia. While you most likely realized it, there is always a traveler or two who forgets that summer in Australia is winter in many other places. So, perhaps you’re a little hot in your motorhome.

Don’t despair! Wipe the sweat off your brow and read on. There are some excellent locations for you to cool off at in Australia and they’re probably some of the most gorgeous swimming holes you’ve ever seen.

While locals may make it a point to know where to go swimming when the weather gets to be too much, you may have yet to have heard of the popular water holes in the country. To help you out, we have compiled the following 5 water spots. These gorgeous locations are some of the top swimming holes in Australia:

1.Florence Falls, Litchfield National Park, NT

A double waterfall, Florence Falls is as gorgeous as it is refreshing. A place that is a favorite finish for hikers who have explored Litchfield National Park, you’ll want to take a dip in one of the Northern Territory’s best water holes. To get to the pool, you’ll need to walk down a 160 step staircase to where everyone else is swimming. You’re okay with that right? If not, you can observe from the viewing platform above.

2.Bitter Springs, NT

Bitter Springs is a favorite for those traveling in a motorhome hire throughout the Northern Territory. With cabins and camping accommodation, you can easily take a break in the area while cooling off at the spring-fed thermal pools. There are also streams to explore or fishing to be done in the area. These thermal pools are certainly unique and if you’re looking for a new experience while in Australia, you should definitely make it a point to visit them.

3.Mermaid Pools, NSW

Beautiful and secluded, mermaid pools is the perfect destination for water-loving people looking for a chance to cool off. There you can hike Tahmoor Canyon and return to reward yourself with a swim at Mermaid Pools on the Bargo River. If you’re traveling to Sydney, make sure to spend some time splashing around here. When researching this swimming hole, make sure to look for Mermaid Pools. Also take some time to get familiar with how to get there as it can often be confusing and many a visitor gets lost while trying to find the swimming pool that will cool them off in the hot summer months.

4.Mumbulla Falls, Biamanga National Park, NSW

Mumbulla Falls sometimes boast of beautiful water falling down the rock wall and at other times, you will only find a trickle. Either way, the pool below is always waiting for visitors to come and cool off there. Another interesting thing about this swimming hole is that it is actually a sacred place for the Yuin. While it’s a good destination to have some fun in the water, make sure to be respectful of the Yuin people who often come to spend reflective moments in their sacred site.

5. Pccaninnie Ponds, SA

Pccaninnie Ponds are a must-visit for those who are traveling in South Australia and who want to enjoy a unique destination. Crystalline waters allow visitors to see the abundance of life in the world beneath the surface. Whether you choose to snorkel these waters or go diving, you will be sure to be amazed by the views below. Don’t miss exploring the cavern known as The Cathedral. You’ll understand the name when you see it. From the limestone formations to the bamboo and bulrush, Pccaninnie Ponds are an incredible place for you to cool off in while visiting Australia.

Just Keep Swimming

As you can see from the list above, there is no reason to fret even if the weather is a bit warm. No matter where you go in Australia, you’re bound to find some swimming hole that will satisfy your need for cooling off.

Each destination has something special and you will be sure to have a good time while there. Australia does get pretty hot in the summer, but fortunately, there are plenty of water gems like the ones above that will keep you from getting too hot. Plus, if all else fails, head on over to the coast and relax at one of the country’s many paradaisical beaches.

Once you’ve had your fill of fresh water, continue on your road trip in a motorhome hire. There is plenty more to see and experience in the country. From the bush to the beaches, Australia boasts of a variety in landscapes. Rainforests, deserts, woodlands, and rocky places are just some of the fascinating environments to be found here. Happy road tripping!

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