A Beautiful Face! A Beautiful Smile! Carol Menezes is ‘Miss Queen Karnataka’

A Beautiful Face! A Beautiful Smile! Carol Menezes is ‘Miss Queen Karnataka’

A Beautiful Face!A Beautiful Smile! Mangalurean damsel Carol Menezes is ‘Miss Queen Karnataka’

Mangaluru: Fringe or no fringe, this gorgeous and stunning Mangalorean lass from Bondel, Mangaluru who is currently pursuing her studies in Computer Science at Nitte University was recently crowned as “Miss Queen Karnataka” as part of the “Miss South India 2017” pageant organised by Pegasus, held in Alleppey-Kerala. Apart from this top title, she also won two other subtitles namely “Beautiful Face” and “Beautiful Smile”. A couple of days after her stunning success in the pageant, Carol Menezes is really overwhelmed and excited because she is now eligible to represent Karnataka in the “Queen of India” pageant.

Winning this regional title and two subtitles she has brought pride to Mangaluru and we should all be proud of her. Looking the youthful 21 that she is, Carol is a damsel with a lot of gusto and a resplendent personality. She is incredibly sharp, intelligent, confident, and poised, and she was unbelievably good while interviewing her. Being judged “Miss Queen Karnataka” was Euphoric! She is more than just a beauty and socialite, She is a go-getter and an achiever- her recent success in the pageant is the proof. Carol Menezes has always understood fashion and style to be an expression of the unique and beautiful inner self of each individual person. Her style prior to the “Miss South India 2017′ pageant was exactly that.

The Miss South India 2017 Pageant had provided a fascinating glimpse into how Indian standards of femininity have been defined, projected, maintained, and challenged. A beauty pageant or beauty contest is a competition that mainly focuses on the physical beauty of its contestants, although such contests also incorporate personality, intelligence, talent, and answers to judges’ questions as judged criteria. Many women who participate in beauty pageants contribute more to society than many would have expected in the past. By their very nature, beauty pageants support the idea that, for women, any noteworthy success or accomplishment should ideally be presented in a pretty package – conventional feminine attractiveness being the package in question.

This pageantry gave a chance for a young woman like Carol to unleash her talents express her dynamic nature. But what one realises beyond that is her warm and straight forward attitude towards life – beautiful, inspiring and infectious. a brief conversation with her revealed that she is a strong young lady with engaging thoughts, and her attitude, her confidence, made it clear, that she is extraordinary- and she has a very good chance of winning the “ Queen of India”. And surely one day she will make her parents, relatives, well-wishers and friends proud when she gets crowned as “Queen of India”.

Daughter of Maxim Menezes, an entrepreneur in Mangaluru, and Clotilda Pinto working for Emirates Airlines in Dubai, Carol has a sister named Sherol, who is employed at Infosys-Mangaluru. 21-year-old Carol likes Ballroom dancing, fashion designing, hair and makeup, creative crafts, and is a very enthusiastic person and will do everything with great interest. She likes to be versatile and try out new things often! She was a Finalist in ‘Miss Mangalore 2014’ and has won Awards in dancing, speaking, academics and fashion shows. As they say, the three qualities that every woman should have are – Confidence- In who she is and her choices. Compassion- For every living being around her. Charisma- Because every woman has it. It’s just a matter of radiating it out- and for that matter, Carol has all three qualities, and she has proved it.

When asked what she has to say about her success, she said, “Success is measured by the level of inner happiness and contentment a person feels in doing what they are doing. My parents are extremely proud and thrilled about the beginning of a new journey. As always they have extended immense support so I do well during my reign. When asked to narrate about her experience entering into this pageant, Carol said, “The last one week was an amazing experience.The whole grooming session was a great learning experience and fun at the same time. We had various sessions like catwalk training, personality development, etc So there was so much that we learned. The different subtitles were also given after proper assessment by experts”.

She further said, “The two subtitles that I got – ‘Miss Beautiful Face’ and ‘Miss Beautiful Smile’ were assessed by experts plastic surgeon and dentist themselves. The talent round was also super fun where all the contestants showcased their talents and all of them are extremely talented I must say! “All the contestants were so congenial the organisers have been so warm! A big thank you to the Pegasus team for giving us this opportunity. I also won the regional title -“Miss Queen Karnataka” and I am super happy to be representing Karnataka in an all India pageant-queen of India!”

“A big thank you to all those who supported me and to my parents who have always encouraged me. Love yourself for who you are. Recognise and work on your talents- be it singing dancing or something as different as rope walking. Get involved in a social cause and help out in the community. Remain focused in your career choice. Remember its all about being a beauty with a brain and a purpose!” added Carol Menezes.

Team Mangalorean while congratulating Carol on her achievement, would like to wish her all success when she walks the ramp to win the big title “Miss Queen India”. Success galore.


  1. I have known Carol long enough to tell you that she is a potential superstar. Watch out for this dame! Take your autographs now for she may not have the time when she makes it to the apex of fashion and show biz.

  2. God bless you Carol, and congratulations on your great achievement. It makes us feel more happy and proud about you. May you have many more achievement. Be good and be happy, we are always there for you. Best wishes to you and your family.

  3. Thank You Alfie, indeed a nice write-Up as always. This girl looks so pretty she should work her self up to bag the Miss Queen India Title- she can do it. Let’s wish her luck.

    Thanks once again Mangalorean.com for encouraging young talents.

  4. Pretty as she is, there are chances she may be the next ‘Queen of India”-You rock Girl

    Best of luck!

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