‘Before Accusing Me, He Should Admit His Own Drawbacks’- Former MLA Lobo Tells Present MLA Kamath

‘Before Accusing Me, He Should Admit His Own Drawbacks’- Former MLA Lobo Tells Present MLA Kamath

‘Before Accusing Me, He Should Straighten Up His Strategy’- Former MLA J R Lobo advises Present MLA Vedavyas Kamath, during a press meet held at District Congress Office, Mallikatta, Mangaluru.

Mangaluru : There is a saying “People who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones”which means that you should not criticize other people for bad qualities in their character that you have yourself. We should not criticize other people if we are not perfect ourselves. It speaks about the weakness and faults of human beings and how it should be dealt. Before we target someone’s mistakes, remind yourself of your own, or else, you will get destroyed by your own words. The way how we treat other people through our actions and words will come back to us one day. We should be careful in hurting others because we ourselves can be easily hurt. So, we should not insult or criticize others if we are not perfect.

When the other person starts throwing the stone at you, your house and everything you own with gets destroyed instantly. The action of yours will end up destroying you ultimately. This has a symbolic meaning towards our dealing with other persons. When you are at fault, you should not spot the faults of others. If you do so, you will end up in trouble. Those who “throw stones” at others to hurt them, can be thrown back to hurt themselves. When you say bad about others you are going to experience the same. That too, when you live in a “glass house” it will be easier for them to hurt you with your faults by throwing the same stones at you. So, what MLA Vedavyas Kamath did by accusing former MLA J R Lobo, aptly suits this proverb!

Tit-for-tat, in response to the allegations made against J R Lobo by MLA Vedavyas Kamath, former MLA J R Lobo addressing the media persons during a press meet held at District Congress Office, Mallikatta-Mangaluru said, ” I don’t think it is right on part of Mangaluru South MLA Vedavyas Kamath for continuously criticizing me for the housing project at Shakthinagar. He has been accusing me of duping the people on the Shakthinagar housing project, which is totally baseless. Since 2017, I was putting effort of this G+3 housing project at Shakthinagar, and Rs 61.50 crore had been sanctioned for this project and 5 acre land identified at Shakthinagar,”

He further said “The building sketch had been finalized and all the procedures for the housing project had been completed. Foundation stone was also laid, allocation letter was distributed to the beneficiaries and nearly 75% of work pertaining to housing project has been completed. But sadly MLA Vedavyas Kamath is falsely leveling charges against me over this housing project. Out of the first phase amount of Rs 61.50 crore, Rs 5.58 crore was already released for the same. Land documentation was done and valuation money has been paid to the forest department and permission for the project has been obtained. But MLA Vedavyas Kamath hatched a conspiracy to bring stay on the permission from forest department, since we had asked for 10 acre land, due to 1900 houses to be built. Forest dept didn’t approve our request, and in the meantime, elections came in between, and the project got stalled”

“Even though this project was an initiative under my tenure, that doesn’t mean that a MLA who takes power as MLA has to sleep over the project. If Vedavyas is not capable of finishing the project, I know how to execute and complete it. If he is not capable enough to complete the project, then he is not fit to be a MLA, and in the same time, stop accusing others. In the last 2 years of MLA Vedavyas Kamath being in power as Mangaluru South MLA, tell me what he has done for the City. Has he brought any funds or got sanctioned any project to Mangaluru South?. Has he finished any projects under taken by me or Congress? He is only busy cutting ribbons and inaugurating projects which were sanctioned during my tenure, and added to that criticizing me. Before criticizing others he should know about his contribution to Mangaluru,” added Lobo.

“Kadri Park is in shambles.The inaugurated Musical fountain is not maintained properly. Children train in Kadri Park is still not functioning and kept in garage, Urwa market which was inaugurated long ago, is still not operated, Urwa Sports Complex work has not yet commenced and Smart City developmental work is not functioned well or in a systematic way. Even the Kankanady flyover is in pathetic state, City roads are also dilapidated and potholed, there is also numerous drainage related issues etc etc- therefore, when all these issues have been not taken care under his tenure since 2 years, why is he pointing fingers at me and accusing me, when I have done nothing wrong. I think MLA Kamath should mind his own business, get the development works and other pending projects completed, rather than finding faults and unnecessary and intentionally criticizing me” concluded J R Lobo.

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