Before Criticising me let MLA Kamath Speak about his Contribution to Mangaluru

Before Criticising me let MLA Kamath Speak about his Contribution to Mangaluru 

Mangaluru: “The MLA of Mangaluru South Constituency had levelled allegations against me during the Zilla Panchayat meeting that the Shaktinagar Housing project cannot be completed because the former MLA had not done it in a proper manner. Yesterday too during the meeting he again levelled allegations on me. But I would like to ask the MLA, what is he doing? Why is he not showing interest to complete the housing project? There are 930 poor beneficiaries who are waiting for this project to be completed. Instead of criticizing me, let him tell what his contribution is to his constituency during the 10 months of his tenure? questioned former MLA j R Lobo in a press meet held at the District Congress Office here on February 27.

Addressing the mediapersons Lobo said, “I took three years to complete all the procedures such as identifying the land, applying for housing, getting permission from the forest department, preparing the DPR and submitting it to the government, holding discussions with 5 nationalized banks for loan, paying valuation tax, calling the tender and approval. The total cost of the project is Rs 61.50 crores out of which Rs 5.58 crore was sanctioned by the Rajiv Gandhi Housing Board to the DC as the first instalment. In the RTC col 11, it has been mentioned that land is reserved for Urban housing. The MCC has also paid Rs 1,71,990 as valuation for the trees in that land to the forest department. On 28 July 2018, the present MLA tried to withdraw the permission from the forest department to construct houses”.

J R Lobo further said, “Those who try to do injustice to the poor, God will look after them. I openly challenge the MLA to complete the project or else let him resign and I will complete the project. I would like to ask a question to the MLA, what is his contribution to Mangaluru during the 10 months of his tenure. Have you brought any funds or new projects to Mangaluru? I wouldn’t have asked these questions if you wouldn’t have wrongly criticized me. Instead of criticizing me he should maintain the musical fountain in Kadri Park, he doesn’t have the capacity to check what is going on in Mangaluru, even the toy train in Kadri park is not working because of some technical fault. Being the MLA, why is he not showing any interest to fix the faults? Last year the same MLA was levelling allegations about misappropriation of funds in KUDCEMP. I ask the MLA whether he knows the meaning of KUDCEMP. During my tenure, I had constructed the Urwa Market which was inaugurated recently, did MLA invited me? We do the development works and BJP is cutting ribbons. I have done a lot of development work during my tenure but BJP is criticising me. God has given you the power, do good work, give priority to the projects related to the poor people. Mangaluru is a developing city, get involved with the Mangaluru CIty corporation and the government to develop the city. If you cannot do it resign from the post and support me, I will complete the project.”

Mayor Bhaskar, Kallige Taranath, Mariayamma Thomas and others were also present

Before Criticising me let MLA Kamath Speak about his Contribution to Mangaluru – Live

Before Criticising me let MLA Kamath Speak about his Contribution to Mangaluru – Live यांनी वर पोस्ट केले मंगळवार, २६ फेब्रुवारी, २०१९

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Richard Thomas

With all due respect, Mr. J.R. Lobo has been a very attentive and responsible person in authority during his tenure in MCC. Most, if not all, will vouch for what improvements he has brought about to infrastructure and amenities in the city and districts of Mangalore My personal opinion is that, Mr. J,R, Lobo has the right to ignore all that is said against him, just as those who do nothing and speak evil of others, have the right to criticize. People of all walks of life in the city of Mangalore should unite and be united and make Mangalore… Read more »