Beltangady: Sleuths Visit Belalu Again to Probe into Death of Shobhita Poojary

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Beltangady: A CID team led by M Prabhushankar visited the Adarsh Nagar home Kantappa Poojary in Belalu village in the taluk on Saturday.

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It was in connection with the death of his daughter Shobhita Poojary, a II year BCom student of Government PU College in Punjalakatte in suspicious circumstances. She, after returning from classes on July 27, 2014, had left home on the pretext of watching a TV programme at a neighbour’s house, since the Poojary home did not have electricity.

She did not return for quite some time. Later on she was found dead in a well, a little out of the way to the neighbour’s house. Otherwise appearing to be a suicide, her death was not considered so by the parents. She was very good in studies. Although she had studied in the light of kerosene lamps, she was a topper in SSLC examinations.

Besides being a brilliant student, she had good relationship at home. There could not be any reason for her to end her life, the parents insist. Left with no clues, the police were about to close the file as a case of suicide. But the villagers, along with the parents, appealed to MLA Vasant Bangera to urge the government for a high-level probe.

He used his good offices to have a CID investigation ordered by the government and his efforts bore fruit. Prabhushankar and his team arrived here on Sep 6, 2015 and collected all information about the case.

Not much was heard about the case for some time. Now their having continued the probe has given the parents and the villagers some hope that justice would take its course.

The CID team gathered more information from the parents and some residents around. Police sources said that they would gather information from more persons on Sunday as well.

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  1. Police wash their hands without doing their duty unless person is connected to BIG shots.
    by default every such case should be handed over to CID to do proper investigation and bring culprit to justice without involving or begging to Politicians.

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