Beltangady: Vowing to Quit Addiction, Devotee Drops Alcohol Pack into Collection Box at Temple!

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Beltangady: The staff in charge of opening and verifying the cash and other offerings in the hundi (alms collection) box at Shri Manjunatheshwara temple in Dharmasthala were in for a surprise last week.

They found a packet of alcohol with an accompanying letter from a devotee, who confessed that he had been addicted to alcohol for many years.

With a firm determination to be relieved the addiction, he has said, he was dropping the packet as a token of his resolve. He has also mentioned as to how he suffered so much because of his weakness for the bottle.

Besides, he has written that he was once a heavy smoker. About 27 years ago, he had come to the same temple and dropped cigarettes into the box and vowed not to smoke again. He has kept his word by being a non-smoker ever since.

The devotee has confirmed his resolve made in front of the deity of Dharmasthala and has expressed his full confidence to adhere to his decision.

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