Bengaluru: Anna’s Answer to Amma – Idli, Chitranna, Curd Rice, Puliyogare at Rs 5 Each!

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Bengaluru: What if a neighbouring state has an Amma – the perennial mother – providing the common populace with idlis and other fare at rock-bottom rates? Karnataka soon may have its own big brother – aNNa – offering choicest specialities, each at Rs 5 a plate.


The idea was in the air for quite some time. Now a proposal has been sent by the state planning board’s deputy chairperson and former Union minister Chand Mahal Ibrahim to the state government.

Under the scheme, Anna canteens would be set up to offer idlis, chitranna, yogurt rice and puliyogare at Rs 5 per plate. The success of Amma canteens is sought to be replicated here.

It would be idlis in the morning, chitranna / yogurt rice at noon and puliyogare in the evening, just for your information.

Questions naturally arise from different angles. One, many might opine that it is no big deal. The loss incurred by the government by way of subsidy will eat into the public exchequer, built from taxes collected from the people. Like robbing Peter to pay Paul, proverbially speaking.


Two, the quality of the fare will have to be strictly monitored. Already the quality of rice and other foodgrains supplied to ration card-holders, the food served in government hostels and many other examples – although the malaise is not restricted to Karnataka alone – stare at us in the face.


Three, there is every chance of the official supplies of foodgrains and raw materials that are meant to go into the making of the delicacies being diverted and siphoned off and replaced by substandard stuff. Safeguards against this should be in place.

Then only it could be called ‘aNNa bhaagya’, perhaps.

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