Bengaluru: Archbishop Moras Expresses Shock over Sexual Assault on 47-year-old nun

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Bengaluru: It is shocking to hear about another case of sexual assault on a Catholic nun (47) in a Nursing Home in the early hours of Saturday June 20, in Raipur.

Together with the Bishops of Karnataka and Leaders of various Christian Churches and Denominations, we the All Karnataka United Christian Forum for Human Rights, join with all Christians and all people of good will throughout this country in roundly condemning this dastardly act.

I pray that people everywhere will respect the human dignity of one another, particularly of women and in even more particularly of those consecrated to God.

New Delhi: Nun in Central India Is Sexually Assaulted

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  1. Timely message and also a wonderful message for the world to read and digest. Thank you, Archbishop Moras for your timely appeal for the public to appreciate the facts and consequences attached to these kind of ruthless acts. The entire society has to wake up and educate one another the consequences attached to unimaginable acts such as these. Nuns all over India from different denominations do so much for the humanity with so little awards. Nuns have great deal to sacrifice for so many good causes all over India.

    Your appeal to the community at large is appropriate and timely. We all have a consciencious duty to share our views and create a new awakening to the society the possible dangers that can bring chain of sad events if we do not make timely warnings available to the public. The Government also has a duty to take severe action to these kind of sad atrocities so that people are aware of the punishments that await if they do not behave as human beings.

    We live in a difficult world with so many sad events that take place in our daily life. The sad tragedy that took place at Charleston, South Carolina this week where nine devout Christians were slaughtered by a twenty one year old kid while they were conducting their Bible classes in the late evening hours in their historic Emanuel Church. Prayers are perhaps the best healer in sad situations such as these, and the people of America regardless of their color or culture have united together to condemn the tragic atrocity.

    Kind regards to you, Archbishop Moras for your timely interventions. Take care, and may God be with you in all your daily dedications to life.

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