Bengaluru: BJP not embarrassed by Sushma-Modi row, Sadananda Gowda

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484291_thumpBengaluru: Asserting that BJP is not embarrassed by Sushma Swaraj helping Lalit Modi, Union Law Minister D V Sadananda Gowda today hit back at Congress saying it was the previous UPA government that allowed the former IPL chief to “run away” from the country.

“As far as Sushma Swaraj is concerned, the party is not embarrassed. Doing something for a person who is suffering from cancer (Modi’s wife) is not an issue to be discussed,” he told PTI here.

Gowda said BJP and government were behind Swaraj because she helped Modi out of humanitarian consideration and did not make any attempt to stall the proceedings against the former IPL chief, who is facing money laundering and other charges.

On the political firestorm over Vasundhara Raje, who allegedly backed Modi’s immigration plea and face trouble over reports that the former IPL chief had invested Rs 11.63 crore in a firm owned by her son Dushyant Singh in 2008, Gowda said the party would “certainly” look into the matter.

“As far as Raje’s case is concerned, my party will certainly look into the matter. Our party will go into the details and only after getting the particulars take a decision on what needs to be done,” Gowda added.

Strongly defending Swaraj, he said, “The whole party and whole government is behind Sushma Swaraj because humanitarian consideration has to be given importance… If someone’s wife is suffering from cancer, is it not the responsibility of the individual whoever it might be – minister or an ordinary individual – to help him to just to go for treatment?”

“Whether Sushma Swaraj has told anything about his illegal activities? Not to go ahead with proceedings against him? How this should be tagged with that?” Gowda asked.

He said, “Just because Sushma Swaraj’s daughter helped the brief of Lalit Modi does it amount to any irregularity? Any advocate is at liberty to hold brief – that was not the brief after she became the minister. These are the silly issues being raised by Congress.”

Training guns on Congress, Gowda accused it of giving an impression that the BJP is behind Lalitgate.

“This is an issue of 2010. All these things have happened during three to four years when the Congress ruled the country. They allowed him to run away from this country.

“The then UPA government never took any initiative and proceedings against Lalit Modi. Now they are shouting as if everything is been done by BJP,” Gowda said.

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  1. Modi’s cabinet minister, Laughing Sadananda, says Congress allowed Modi to escape to England. But, the fact remains that when his crimes were detected he was in England. Sushma’s husband is fugitive Modi’s legal manager for twenty years and Sushma’s daughter is his advocate for seven years. Sushma makes clandestine deals to help fugitive Modi to escape to Portugal having no extradition treaty with India for protecting the criminal Modi by sending him to the safe heaven.

    Sushma is busy helping Reddy brothers escape punishment and retain ten thousand crore black money. For, till he was put in jail she was collecting her portion of the black money and supplying a portion of that to the RSS and BJP!

    Rajasthan’s BJP Chief Minister, her son, her daughter-in-law, and many other RSS people are business partners of Modi’s corrupt empire.

    Yet, they are good and therefore should not be accused of corruption. The very foundation of RSS Empire is black money as is evident from the Hinduja Brothers. RSS has admitted that the Hindujas are their sponsors and the Hindujas in tern have admitted in the Court that they were the sole beneficiaries of secret Bofors payments and our Court held that Bofors kickbacks were paid without violating any Indian law or agreement, solely to Hindujas. Poor Rajiv Gandhi was hanged for he could not withstand the blitzkrieg of the fascist RSS Gobbels of India! First, for being Rajiv’s family friend Amitaab Bachchan was accused of supplying money to Rajiv. When he could escape from court order, another family friend too was accused of the same and he was Quattrocchi! To be family friend is a crime if Congress is concerned, but not even the husband, the daughter, the son or the daughter-in-law is not! For, RSS is above law and morality!

    All I said above is decided by the Indian Courts when Vajpayee was the Prime Minister, and Vajpayee did not take in appeal even a single decision given by the Court, thereby admitting that the RSS and the BJP made false allegations and got political power at the cost of getting innocent Rajiv Gandhi killed!

    If the Original duplicate denies my statement and alleges this as twist, I can produce all the court decisions, provided this forum permits me to do so, for they are very very voluminous.

  2. becasuse he is shameless, this is normal. had it been Mr singh (ex pm ) , he and his chamchas would have been after mr singh’s blood.

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