Bengaluru: ‘Chaddi’, Sanskrit et al Lead to Spirited Exchange in Council, but with Humour

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Bengaluru: Gopalakrishna Madhusudan, a BJP MLC with a dedicated RSS background who is better known as Go Madhusudan, is a fiery speaker with conviction.


Similarly, Venkatapur Subbaiah Ugrappa, a Congress spokesperson and MLC, true to his name, can be very aggressive in speech.

Both of them are known for their hard-hitting and harsh oratory and they often function as a true match for each other. On Friday, while speaking on the motion of thanks for the governor’s speech to the joint session of the houses, Madhusudan began with a Sanskrit shloka.

Ugrappa, not the one to miss the opportunity, responded in Sanskrit. Madhusudan commented that it was confirmed that Ugrappa had worn a ‘chaddi’ (worn shorts).

This gave another BJP leader K S Eswarappa to do one better. He wanted to know if Ugrappa had said that he had not worn a ‘chaddi’. The entire house broke into peals of laughter. Ugrappa would not give up. He asserted that he had learnt Sanskrit much before he started wearing a ‘chaddi’.

Who says politicians do not have a sense of humour? At least, instead of creating furore in the legislature, they could often crack witticisms to keep the public entertained.

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