Bengaluru: Facebook Slur – Dinesh Amin Mattu Files Complaint to Police

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Bengaluru: How the concept of freedom of expression is abused and the way character assassination is indulged in by abusing the facility of the Internet as also by taking advantage of physical and geographical distance has come to the fore again.


More and more episodes prove the point that those who do not have the guts and spine to face their opponents in person or at a suitable forum take to social media network to settle the score.

Highly respected senior journalist, Dinesh Amin Mattu, formerly of Prajavani and currently serving as the media adviser of chief minister Siddaramaiah, has filed a complaint at the Vidhan Soudha police station on Wednesday over a Facebook campaign against him.

He has stated that six persons, Rakesh Shetty, Mallu Biradar, Manju S Alur, Satvik, Anjaneya Reddy and NaMo Preetam R, have opened a Facebook page under the name and style of ‘Nilume’ (stance) and used vulgar and objectionable words about him therein. Besides, he has been threatened of an assault.

The page is being used to write in abusive language against the chief minister as well. He has further said that the page gives scope to criminal tendencies. He has sought stringent action against those who abuse the social media.

The police have registered a case against Rakesh Shetty, the administrator of the group, and others under section 66A of IT Act and also sections 500, 504, 505 and 506 of the Indian Penal Code. Since the adviser’s post held by Dinesh Amin has a high rank and clout, the police are expected to go against the culprits with a heavy hand.

The background

Amin had written an article about Swami Vivekananda during his Prajavani days three years ago. Some organizations like the RSS had created a hue and cry over it since it contained some factual details regarding how Vivekananda was backward in studies compared to others. Yet he became an exceptional orator and thinker of great ability later, he had written.

This write-up was carried in the Facebook page by one of the readers and matter was raked up after a long break. When those posted malicious comments came to know about the police case, some of them reportedly offered apologies in private and offered to apologize in public.

The write-up was also removed from the Facebook page. However, from January 14 onwards, a Twitter campaign has been launched against him.

The common grouse is that Dinesh Amin Mattu is trying to gag the media with a police complaint. No doubt the freedom of expression is of paramount importance. But when the concept of individual freedom was codified in laws and constitution of different countries, the media of the Internet, Whatsapp and others were non-existent.

Freedom of expression and responsible citizenship certainly go hand and hand. Hence many right-thinking citizens opine that if self-discipline is not imposed, some checks from above need to be in place.
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