Bengaluru: ‘Fuming’ over Smoke Puffed on Faces, Sufferers Kill Friend

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Bengaluru: Gautam (22), a resident of Vasantnagar in the city, paid dearly with his life for having puffed smoke on the faces of his friends late Sunday night.

The incident occurred in a building under construction in D’Costa layout in Pulakeshi Nagar. A group of friends had gathered at the spot for a drinking session with Ajit as host. Among them, Gautam kept on addressing Vinod, the seniormost among them as ‘guru’. It was objected to by others.


In the meantime, Gautam was constantly smoking and puffing smoke at the faces of Vinod and others. An altercation followed and, in a drunken stupor, some of them assaulted Gautam with a knife and wooden club.

Gautam succumbed to the injuries and died subsequently. The police have arrested Ajit and two others and are looking out for others who are absconding.

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