Bengaluru: KROSS Launches Project ‘Paustik’ in 174 Villages to Prevent and Mitigate Malnourishment

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Bengaluru: As per statistics 50 % of the children aged between 1 to 6 years who die is due to malnourishment, which is a shame to the civil society. Though the Government is the biggest social provider, the gap is enormous and the role of NGOs becomes imperative to fill in this gap.


KROSS and Partner Organizations, BDSSS, Belgaum, BDDS Bellary and Seva Sangama, Gulbarga will endeavour to do its best to work in collaboration with Government Institutions to prevent and mitigate malnourishment among children and lactating mothers. We need to create awareness as more than poverty the mind-set of the people needs to be changed to see that gender equity is practiced said Fr Peter Brank, Director KROSS while addressing the launch of project “PAUSTIK”.











Karnataka Regional Organization for Social Service in association with Kindermissionswerk, Aachen, has taken up a programme, “PAUSTIK” to create awareness on “Building Sustainable Community Resilience to mitigate Malnutrition among Children, Adolescent Girls, Pregnant Women and Lactating Mothers in 174 villages of North Karnataka”.

The workshop was facilitated by Dr Sridhar and Krishnamurthy who in very simple terms explained the cause, signs and symptoms of malnutrition and how to avail the schemes and benefits being provided by the Government through building linkages.

The welcome address was done G M Varghese, vote of thanks was delivered by Sanjeeva and the workshop was moderated by Clement Fernandes.

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