Bengaluru: Public Relations Council of India Celebrates Daughters Day

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Bengaluru: The Public Relations Council of India celebrated the Daughters’ Day with participation from far and near.

The three-hour show began with a colourful inaugural, followed by panel discussions and felicitation of women and young achievers.

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Chairperson B K Ravi, chairperson-elect Lata T S, vice chairpersons Prof Vani and Chhaya U, secretary Sumati A Rao, EC members Saraladevi and Sushma, YCC director Divya Kumari, YCC NC chairperson Prashant Geeta, secretary general Bharati Singh, joint secretary B V Naik and students and professors of NMKRV College took part in the programme and ensured its success.

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  1. Right step in the right direction from the Public Relations Council of India by celebrating “Daughters Day” in India. This is a fitting occasion in a country such as India where statistics reveal that there are more than five hundred million daughters, young and old, far and near, that deserve to be honored on this auspicious day.

    Although God did not gift us with a daughter, we have many many daughters all over the globe that we can honor and felicitate on this great day. Every woman is a daughter, and therefore every woman deserves to be honored on this day. The women of India are marching forward with high colors because of their ‘forward looking’ natures and abilities as well as their talents. India’s progress from all fronts of the society is attributable to the women who have been daughters for their parents all the time.

    The World at large is placing their glimpse on India for the advancement of women both intellectually as well as socially. They are also moving forward in a brilliant way even politically. Many Mayors of the City, many Governors and also Chief Ministers the ladies have taken over and proved themselves to be worth of their prestigious position.

    Best of luck to all the “DAUGHTERS” of India. They are the “Crown Jewels” of our nation. They are smart, they are outgoing and they are worthy of many new responsibilities that our country need to confer upon in the days ahead.

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