Bengaluru: Transport strike hits State Capital, commuters left stranded

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Bengaluru: Bengalureans, who travel by BMTC buses everyday, have been left stranded at the bus stops as the Transport Unions have called for a nationwide transport strike today.


The strike has left commuters in a helpless situation as KSRTC buses are not plying in the city and the auto-rickshaw drivers are making most of the situation and demanding more money.

Private sector employes cannot afford to take a leave from work as they will lose a day’s salary and a leave too will be wasted.

However, Police Commissioner M N Reddi took to Twitter to ensure the Bengalureans that they can move around in the city freely and shops too will remain open.

According to the commissioner, some miscreants had started pelting stones in the wees hours, but the situation has been brought under control now.

54 Transport Unions across the country have called for the nationwide transport strike today. The Transport Unions are opposing the road safety bill.

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