Best Places to Explore In and Around Kabini

Best Places to Explore In and Around Kabini

Kabini has become one of the most beautiful and adventurous places for fun-lovers. If you have ever been to Kabini Forest Reserve, you know how adventurous and exciting this place is. Kabini is a one-stop platform for nature lovers who have always wanted to try out some fun and exciting activities.

If you are planning a family outing in Bangalore, then you should reserve your weekends for the Kabini tour. From trekking to Jungle Safari to boating to biking, Kabini has it all for you. What can be a better example of an adventure than the elephant ride and dense jungles? Sitting on the elephant’s bank and exploring the spectacular views of the forest is overwhelming. Not only does it sound fun, but visiting this place can be a great experience. You can explore Kabini during any season; however, winters make it a perfect spot for nature-lovers who want to unwind.

Why Visit Kabini this Winters?

Not a lot of people are fans of winter outings. Don’t you agree? You don’t feel like getting out of your bed in the months of November and January. But, Kabini has amazing offers for adventure enthusiasts that will make you spring out of your cozy bed. It offers so many attractions, activities, and adventures that you are going to cherish for years. Presenting to you a list of attractions located near Kabini.

Jungle Safari

Jungle Safari is a forest reserve that accommodates a host of exotic and unique flora and fauna. You must take your four-wheeler or a jeep to enjoy the forest reserve in Kabini to the fullest. Do not forget to bring a camera to capture the beautiful wildlife and natural scenery.

Jeep is recommended for tourists as its tall height allows you to watch wild animals without worrying about safety. October to June are the best months for the Jungle Safari trip in Kabini as it helps you spot a lot of animals.

Bandipur National Park

Your trip to Kabini is incomplete without a trip to Bandipur National Park. If you intend to spot some of the best wild animals in Kabini, then Nagarhole and Bandipur National Parks are the places for you.

These parks are unique as you get to explore the location while sitting on the Elephant’s back. Cars and jeeps are not taken beyond a specific point since the forest is full of bumpy terrain.

Kabini Dam or River

Developed in 1974, this exclusive dam is built in the beautiful city of rich heritage, Mysore. Being named after the famous River Kaveri, Kabini dam is worth a visit. It provides water to more than 20 Karnataka cities. The free-flowing water paired with picturesque trees and fresh air makes it a perfect spot for nature-lover tourists. If you are planning a visit to Bangalore with your family and friends, do not miss out on the Kabini dam. The opening time is 10 AM and stays open until 5 PM. If you stay here for a while, you will surely get to spot wild fauna and beautiful birds that hover over the reservoir.

Kabini river is also a perfect spot for boating-fans. The large and free-flowing river can provide you with a memorable boating experience. A majority of tourists prefer boating at dawn or during the sunset (as these are the best hours that allow you to see reflections in water). Nowadays, modern boats allow visitors to paddle and drive the boat in waters. If you have never ridden a boat, Kabini can be a perfect place to get over your fears and try something new.

Wildlife Resorts

If you are searching for a great wildlife resort to spend a delightful weekend, then Kabini is the right location. You get a plethora of luxurious and comfortable resorts in Kabini to choose from. These resorts not only feature all the lavish amenities but come equipped with modern and interesting facilities. The combination of lush greenery and stylish rooms will surely catch your attention here.

Kabini resorts are mainly known for their pristine beauty. Choose the best resort and enjoy a pleasant and comfortable stay in Kabini.