Best to ignore: Radhika Apte on fake nude selfies

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New Delhi, Feb 14 (IANS) Radhika Apte was caught by surprise upon seeing some of her fake photographs doing the rounds on the Internet and Whatsapp. While she admits this is a peril of celebrityhood, the “Badlapur” actress says such incidents are best ignored.

The controversial photographs are naked selfies, and Radhika has stated that “anyone with a sane eye knows that it’s not me”.

Agreeing that matters like these are a “downside” of being in the public domain, Radhika told IANS: “One just has to learn to not get affected by it. The crass public mentality of looking at women, combined with utterly cheap and sensational journalism does give rise to such news and issues.

“Of course I wouldn’t deny that some people in the public domain do this as a publicity stunt, which is equally mindless. Unfortunately, as a part of the field, one has to face it even if one doesn’t fit into any of these categories. That’s just how it is in our country at the moment.”

How does an artiste safeguard himself or herself from morphing and photoshopping?

“I don’t think there is anything one can do or one should do, but ignore it. Anything else is a waste of your time,” added the actress, who has also featured in movies like “Rakta Charitra” and “Shor In The City”.

Radhika, who will also feature in “Hunterrr”, however, does not wish to take any action against the fake pictures.

“It is ridiculous enough and I do not want to make it more ridiculous by over-reacting on it. The woman in the photos is not me, the people who are important to me and others who are sensible enough to make out the difference know that. I do not wish to waste my energy in attending to such things,” she added.

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