Bhaskar Shetty murder case: Wife and Son produced before Court

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Bhaskar Shetty murder case: Wife and Son produced before Court

Udupi: The accused wife and son, Rajeshwari and Navaneeth in the murder of Hotelier Bhaskar Shetty were produced before the court by Manipal Police here on August 12.


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Since the police custody of Bhasker Shetty’s wife and son ended on August 12, they were produced before the Chief Judicial Magistrate Court by the Investigating officer Dr Sumana ASP Karkala. The court has once again extended the police custody for Rajeshwari and Navaneeth until August 16.

Hotelier Bhaskar Shetty had gone missing from his house in Manipal on July 28 and his mother Gulabi Shetty had lodged a missing persons complaint at the Manipal police station on July 29.

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The police had arrested Shetty’s wife Rajeshwari and his son Navaneeth on charges of murdering Shetty and destroying evidence on August 7. Niranjan Bhat, an astrologer who was close to Rajeshwari and Navaneeth was arrested at Nitte on August 8 as he is said to have taken part in disposing of Bhaskar Shetty’s body.

The police have also arrested Srinivas Bhat, father of Niranjan Bhat, and Raghavendra Niranjan’s driver on charges of destroying the evidence. They were produced before the court on August 11 and remanded judicial custody till August 24.

Amid high security, Rajeshwari and Navaneeth were brought to the court by Dr Suman ASP Karkala. Thousands of people gathered in the court premises from morning to evening to have a glimpse of the accused. Police also delayed in bringing the accused to the bring court due to the security reasons. They were later brought to court around 5:45 pm. During the hearing, the assistant public prosecutor argued on behalf of the police and asked the accused to be kept for another week in police custody. After hearing the Magistrate Rajesh Karnan remanded the accused to police custody till August 16.

Another accused Niranjan Bhat has been discharged from the hospital on August 12 evening. He was supposed to be produced before the Magistrate after the court hour or before the court on August 13.

Niranjan was arrested on August 8, by the Manipal police and on August 9 while he was in the custody of the Manipal police attempted to commit suicide by swallowing a diamond ring and ear-studs. He was rushed to Ajjarakadu government hospital for treatment. There he was treated to flush out the items he had swallowed. On August 10, the diamond ring and one ear-stud were retrieved. But another ear stud was found to have stuck in his system. Police after getting consent from the court shifted him to KMC hospital Manipal. On August 11 doctors at the KMC hospital removed the other ear stud from Niranjan Bhat’s stomach, through colonoscopy.
According to police sources, three police teams were formed for the investigation of the Bhaskar Shetty murder case. One team would assist the team of DNA experts of Bengaluru, while the second team would be in charge of recording statements under the leadership of SI Sampath Kumar, and the third team would collect necessary evidence with the help of the local people. All three teams will be assisting investigating officer D P Sumana ASP Karkala.
The police have dug the entire Homa Kunda, they did not find any clues in Niranjan Bhat’s House. Before there was no permanent Homa Kunda, and Bhat was doing the Homa using only bricks. After the incident, Bhat built a new Homa Kunda only to destroy the evidence. During the investigations, police have found some bones, which have been sent to the forensic laboratory. The Forensic department has to clarify whether the bones are of a human or animal, only then can the police take it for DNA testing, said sources.


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