Bhatkal: Jamiatul Huffaz to host National-level Quran recitation competition for blind

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Bhatkal: The National-level competition for the blind in traditional style rendition of the Holy Qur’an will be held here on March 26-27 and will see participants from all over the country. The two-day ‘Hafiz Qiraat-e-Qur’an competition’ will be held at the Tanzeem ground, Bhatkal.


The blind Huffaz will exhibit their skills of rendering the holy Quran in different styles.

The competition is being organised under the banner of Jamiatul Huffaz, Bhatkal.

Addressing to mediapersons, president of Jamiatul Huffaz, Bhatkal, Moulana Niyamatullah Askeri Nadvi said that memorizing the holy Quran and remembering it throughout life is not everyone’s cup of tea. The only book on earth to be learned by heart is the ‘Quran’. There are number of Hafiz-e-Qura’n around the world who have memorized the Quran. Another great thing is that there are thousands of blind who have memorized the Holy Quran and it is one of the miracles of Almighty Allah.

The main aim of organising the event is to provide a platform to support the blind by giving them a chance and making them feel a part of the society, Moulana added.

Convener of the programme, Moulana Samaan Khaleefa Nadvi said, “In order to integrate blind Muslims in India, and to push the young generation of faithful to study the holy book we are organizing this event.”

The main reason for organizing such event is that we want to tell our Non-Muslim brothers and sisters that Quran is the book of guidance for entire mankind. It tells and teaches us what to do and what not to do, what is right and what is wrong. It guides humanity in every aspect of life.

Maulana also said the Hafiz standing first, second and third in the competition will be presented cash awards along with mementos.

At the press meet, General secretary Moulana Irfan SM Nadvi, Moulana Vasiullah DF Nadvi, Master Saifullah, Moulana Imran Akrami Nadvi and many others were present.

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