Biden looked ‘nervous’, ‘panicked’ in first presidential debate with Trump

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Biden looked ‘nervous’, ‘panicked’ in first presidential debate with Trump

Washington: US President Joe Biden looked nervous and panicked during his first presidential debate with his challenger Donal Trump for the run-up to the 2024 elections setting the alarm bells for the Democratic camp, with many calling for a change in the candidate of the party


Biden looked lost for words and ideas in his responses to questions and attacks from his opponent former President Donald Trump and often gave the impression he did not know where he was and what he was doing.


The 81-year-old US President had just one point to prove in a debate that he was capable of running the country for another four years.


Biden’s abysmal performance in the debate sent the Democratic party into panic and it was followed by fresh calls for him to step aside and make way for a more able and capable candidate to take on his rival.


The President ambled onto the stage with his usual shuffle. He looked grey, bewildered and confused. His responses to questions were stilted and seemed confused even if excused for his childhood stutter.


There were reports of panic among Democrats as the debate unfolded as President Biden fumbled for answers. And the last straw for many Democrats was that he did not mention the abortion issue in his closing remarks. The party base is agitated over the loss of abortion rights following the Supreme Court decision overturning decades-old constitutional protection.


The two men faced questions on issues ranging from domestic to foreign but the focus from a very early point in the debate was President Biden. He looked old and out of sync with the pressing issues. And as the debate progressed he seemed increasingly challenged to formulate his responses. He stuttered more than usual which showed he was either nervous or panicky.


This early debate was sought by him, in part to reverse his low poll numbers. The campaigners argued that Americans needed to hear of his administration’s good work. However, Biden’s abysmal performance on Thursday night is more likely to push voters away from the Democrats.


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