Big B distributes helmets to traffic policemen

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Mumbai, Sep 15 (IANS) Superstar Amitabh Bachchan has distributed helmets to officials of the Mumbai Traffic Police at an event here.

“… whenever I go abroad, I form an opinion about that country only after I experience the traffic there. And when I see the traffic is working well and in the right way, I feel a certain sense of respect and influence towards the country,” he said on Monday.

“I wish that whenever someone from abroad lands in our country, they too experience a similar feeling. I’m extremely hopeful that we’re able to fulfill the objective behind Mumbai Police and traffic department’s initiative,” he added.

Bachchan also inaugurated the public awareness hoardings set up by them. He said: “It’s impossible to leave everything on the police force. We all need to think how we can contribute to this initiative so that this traffic system can improve.”

“While driving, whenever I see someone has broken the traffic signal, or strayed to the wrong side of the divider, or climbed the ‘no entry’, I stop the car, get down and talk to the person without scolding them and some of them do acknowledge my advice,” Bachchan explained.

“If all of us can sweetly explain in a few words who violate traffic rules, I believe there can be significant improvement in traffic.”

“The only difficulty with this is that due to this, I have to perhaps sign autographs or click selfies with them. But I’m even ready for that, you can take thousands of selfies together but don’t break traffic rules.”

Bachchan has also been appointed the brand ambassador for tiger conservation in Maharashtra.

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