Bike Rider Injured at Nanthur in Hit-and-run

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Bike Rider Injured at Nanthur in Hit-and-run

Mangaluru: In a hit-and-run case a bike rider has been injured at Nanthur here on July 31.

The injured has been identified as Ravishanker (46), a resident of Jayanagar Maroli.

Ravishanker-hit-and-run-20160731 (2) Ravishanker-hit-and-run-20160731 (1)

According to sources, Ravishanker was on his way to the shop to buy grocery. When he reached near Nanthur, a Swift car bearing registration number KA 19 ME 8819, hit the bike which Ravishanker was riding. Ravishanker was thrown to the ground and sustained injuries on the head.

Speaking to Abdul Ayaz who brought Ravishanker to the hospital said, “We were on our way to Mangaluru from Kasargod. We saw people gathered at Nanthur. We got down from the car and went to see what was happening, we saw a man lying on the side of the road with injuries. People had gathered but no one was ready to take him to the hospital. Finally, we decided to admit him to the hospital. We thought of admitting him to A J Hospital. But the injured person was conscious and asked us to admit him to the KMC hospital.

Ravishanker was immediately shifted to KMC hospital by Abdul Ayaz in his car. Ravishanker had been pleading for help for about an hour but no one was ready to take him to the hospital. A disgusting attitude of the people who were just watching an injured person without helping him. We need to bring more and more awareness among the people to help accident victims. Life is very precious, tomorrow it may be me or you, everyone needs to be helped in such a situation.

Anyone helping an accident victim will not face any problems with the police as per the order by the Police commissioner Chandra Sekhar.

Ravishanker’s family thanked Abdul Ayaz for his help in shifting Ravishanker to the hospital and saving his life. Ravishanker sustained head injuries and is admitted to the KMC hospital.

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  1. God bless Abdul for his selfless deed.
    That said, pleading for help for about an hour? I dont buy that! Ofcourse there will be people who just stand and watch for a while but Majority of people in this city stop and help. They will call the cops/108, pacify the victim and give him/her some water at the very least.

  2. Sir Abdul Ayaz, salute to you. God bless you. If people truly believe that there is God inside every human being then, may be they will take a step ahead to help.

  3. Great gesture Mr Abdul Ayaz; may your tribe increase! People who get into verbal attacks about “communal issues”, please sit up and take note. THIS MUST BE OUR AIM OF TRUE INDIA.

    It is appalling to read that not a single “human” helped a fellow brother pleading for help! Have we become so insensitive that we cannot even make a call to 108 or just inform the policemen who are usually on duty at Nanthoor circle. Usually auto drivers of Mangalore are the first to ferry accident victims to the hospitals. Looks like Mr Ravishankar was unlucky in that aspect too. Finally, all is well that ends well.

    Hope the culprit causing the accident and running away will be arrested soon and made to compensate for the trauma undergone by the victim

    Kudos to M.Com for your ever-present sense of duty towards building a better society by delivering relevant messages to the society.

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